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Jack Grace

Former Bournemouth resident Jack Grace despite moving to Kingston in Surrey for further education still pops back to Bournemouth regularly to entertain and delight his growing army of fans. To make things more versatile he has two bands in each place with the Bournemouth branch being made up of Alex Cope(Drums) and Elliott Bradley (Bass) of the band “Admiral Shineysides”.

Tonight the Winchester Pub plays host to a Tuesday night headline gig showcasing both new and older material from his back catalogue. The set’s starts off with some original solo work using just an acoustic guitar which is connected to some electronic trickery known as a “Loop Pedal”, this enables Jack to layer his voice and guitar sound creating a full bodied sound which is really evident on songs “Days Like These” and “Best Of Things”. Alex and Elliott take to the stage to join in with the excellent “Boat On A Shore” to give some further depth to the sound, where Jack’s pitch perfect voice is displayed to full effect much to the delight of the appreciative audience.

Jack Grace

Jack Grace 123

The acoustic guitar is swapped over for an electric guitar and the volume level goes up a little with the simply outstanding “As I Lie” with some spine tingling guitar work that just makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Much of the material performed tonight is from Jack’s two recently released 5 track Ep’s “Burnt Skies” and “Left With Nothing”, he explained that another is being prepared for next a release next year and a reworked song called “Remember Me” would be on it, this song despite only a quick run through in the ‘soundcheck’ was performed with the band really well with no obvious errors showing some great further potential for the future. Jack is a real passionate performer putting everything that he’s got into each performance with a voice and lyrics that really delivers his music from the heart, living close to London hopefully will give him to break he needs while performing in some venues where the right people will hopefully see him and break him to a much bigger audience to which he thoroughly deserves.

Set List
Days Like These
Best Of Things
Boat On A Shore
Ever Changing Path
As I Lie
Misguided Hopes
Black & Gold
Remember Me
Self Destruction


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