On The Rocks, Bournemouth

Brothers Grimmer

On a cold February evening we find ourselves once again at On The Rocks for a Rock/Punk double header. Due to Crash Course’s drummer double booking himself Littlehampton’s finest decided to move their gig from Saturday to Friday, with the blessing of the Grimmer guys.

So, first up are another Littlehampton band Lineside. Swelled to a 4 piece singer Liam has taken it upon himself to sing and play in the pit area. It works and his usual display of raw aggression/anger/ferocity is not missing tonight. Early set highlights include “We Don’t Care” and “Make You Sick” which go down well. It’s an altogether bigger sound with the extra guitar and “London Riot” is particularly well received. “Wasteland” I’m sure is an ode to their hometown-we all know Liam’s feelings toward Littlehampton! They end on a high with “Condemned Generation” and receive generous applause.


Next up are a band new to me, Pure Explosion. A 3 piece Rock act with a clutch of decent songs and some great musicianship to boot. The emphasis is mainly power and shapeshifting as they open with “Going To Hell”. Barry (guitar/vox) is confident throughout while Billy (bass) is doing his very best Steve Marriott impression. Andy (drums) however provides the power. “Talk To You Sunshine” is a highlight but they make me smile with their take on the Batman theme-quite different from the version made famous by the Jam, they make it their own. A decent stab at “Shake Your Money Maker” doesn’t disappoint before they end with “Colours of the Mind”. I have to be honest and say I don’t know how many of their 7 song set are originals, but they clearly make an impression in the room tonight with their Bluesey Rock n Roll. Definitely ones to watch.

Pure Explosion
Pure Explosion 

Brothers Grimmer need no introduction around these parts. Stayng in Jam territory they open with a very impressive version of “Start” which is excellent. Lee (guitar/vox) is in good form while Shawn (bass) looks on nonchalantly to his right. They return to their “Stoner” Rock anthems with “Lab Rat” then “Pandoras Box”. However, once again it’s Mike (dancer) who steals the show with his robotic/body popping antics in front of us. Tonight he is in energetically fine form and gratefully receives the plaudits when prompted by Lee. “Eyes Painted Shut” is a highlight before they leave us as they started with a cover. A blistering version of Queen’s Of The Stone Age’s “Nobody Knows” which keeps most in the room happy. They too leave to good applause.

Brothers Grimmer
Brothers Grimmer 12

A late start is now upon us as Crash Course take to the stage. Alan (vox) is not sporting the usual mohican spikes tonight (due to a downsizing in transport)! After what seems like an age waiting for (Fat) Dan (drums) to decide whether to wear glasses or not they begin! They open with “Blues” followed by “C.I.D.” and “I Couldn’t Be You”. Alan is in bullish mood, while Dan is still fussing over what “extras” to wear whilst playing-hat or not, glasses or not!! It makes for good entertainment value and the chemistry is great between them, if a little frayed. Alan’s vocals don’t disappoint while Joe (guitar) and Si (bass) flank him and simply perform. “Warhead” and “Crash Course” as usual get the singalongs going, but due to a “date” with the last bus I leave them on “Squat”. The crowd are in full flow so I imagine everyone leaves happy. Four great bands, free entry and a good night had by all (one imagines)!

Crash Course
Crash Course 123456

Pure Explosion
Going To Hell
Driving Home
Talk To You Sunshine
Maybe Tomorrow
Shake Your Money Maker
Colours Of The Mind

Brothers Grimmer
Start (The Jam cover)
Lab Rat
Pandora’s Box
Whipping Boy
Over Again
Eyes Painted Shut
Nobody Knows (QOTSA cover)

Crash Course
I Couldn’t Be You
I Live In A Car
Tomorrow’s Girls
Left For Dead
Rat Race
Crash Course

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Review & Pictures by Ross “no Middle 8s here, move along” Ferrone.

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