This Is Hell

Hailing from Long island, New York This is Hell are old school Thrash Metal with a modern edge. The E.P is titled The Enforcer and that is the also the first track on it. It is a blistering affair with all the obligatory galloping drums and chugging guitars typical of Thrash, but it is so goddamn infectious. I keep going back to repeat again and again, until my neck was aching with headbanging round the room like a loony.

Walking Abominations is more of the same with both songs paying more than a passing nod to fellow New Yorkers Anthrax. The “meh” song on the E.P is Flag of the Serpent, cool title but just proves to be an extended intro into nothing! They finish the E.P with a cover of Metallica’s Whiplash and do a fine job on it as well, ending up with a version as good as the original.

This Is Hell

So basically it’s really two tracks to judge them on and my verdict is it’s well worth getting for The Enforcer track alone.

For fans of: Metallica, Slayer, Testament, Dead Swans, Reign Supreme, Megadeth

Track listing
A1) The Enforcer
A2) Walking Abominations
B1) Flag of the Serpent
B2) Whiplash* (Metallica cover)


Wordage by Dan O’Gara.

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