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The History Of Apple Pie

Any band that call themselves by the name “The History Of Apple Pie” certainly need investigating, for someone to think up of a name like this must have a very vivid imagination. The band are part way through a UK tour in support of the debut album “Out Of View” with the 90’s style guitars combined with sugary sweet vocals making them sound like a cross between “Lush” and “My Bloody Valentine”, a mouth watering combination if I ever heard one.

Tonight a decent crowd of people “in the know” have made it down to Sixty Million Postcards to see what all the fuss is about, before the main attraction we get treated two very different supports acts.The first of these are the duo of Laurie and Saam who go by the name of “Playlounge” who are from London town, with just a drum kit and some fast played trashy guitar, they go about setting the pace for the evening. The band play the first part of their set in darkness as someone had forgotten to switch on the lights. As the lights finally come on we can see the guys frantically performing songs like “Cream Soda” and “Sweet Tooth” and what a decent noise these guys make. After a short 30 minute set the band end with a rather energetic number called “Elephant” from their Thrash Magic 12″ which seems to impress many of the onlookers.

Playlounge 12

Things step up to another level when Falmouth band “The Black Tambourines” bound on to the stage, they are full of smiles, swagger and loads of confidence. The crowd in front of them has swelled since “Playlounge” left the stage and their infectious self declared “beach punk” gets people really moving. The band’s well played twin guitars generate an exciting sound that really seems to get into the heads of the excited audience and despite their lack of familiarity things go well for this quartet. A song called the “White Album” is dedicated to The Beatles album of the same name generating a set highlighter which really showed the bands great shambolic energy. More great songs such as “27-25 Blues” and set closer “Far Out” continue to impress and the band leave the stage with guitarist Josh unceremoniously dragging his foot over his guitar. The audience give the band lots enthusiastic cheers and applause, they leave the stage having made plenty of new followers, on this showing lets hope our they return to this area again soon.

The Black Tamborines
The Black Tamborines 123

There was an air of high anticipation as “The History Of Apple Pie” take to the stage, the space around the stage was absolutely packed with people all wishing to get a view of these five guys who with this sound could take this band on a long journey. The band’s sound really pushes the boundary of the modern guitar, with three guitars all very worthy of their place on stage. The band set comprises of songs mainly from the debut album, the live sound seems to be more harder edged that of the album and disappointingly the guitars drown out the beautiful vocals of the delightful Stephanie. In all honesty it cannot have been easy for the soundman in a venue such as this but a band like this it is vital the sound is just right to make the most of their music.

The History Of Apple Pie

The History Of Apple Pie 123

The drummer James Thomas is actually from Bournemouth and to draw attention to this fact he proudly wears an AFC Bournemouth football shirt. Guitarist Jerome Watson is a guitarist of some quality and with a massive array of effects, he most certainly does not hold back and is an absolute pleasure to watch. The whole set seemed to be over so fast and the band ended with the appropriately titled “Before You Reach The End” which left everybody wanting more. The band drift off into the backstage shadows knowing that quite possibly 2013 could be their year and all the hard world could now be paying off.

Set Lists
The History Of Apple Pie
The Warrior
See You
Do It Wrong
I Want More
Before You Reach The End

The Black Tambourines
Bad Days
A Lot of Friends
White Album
Cross Eyed
27-25 Blues
New 2
New 1
Far Out

Cream Soda
Sweet Tooth
Fan Fiction
Day Trip To The Plague Pit


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Words, Videos & Pictures by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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