Cafe Moderne, Life Centre, Winton, Bournemouth

Tom Whitman

“From The Dear Green Place” Album Launch
The Cafe Moderne is situated upstairs at the newly refurbished “Life Centre” in Winton, on the outskirts of Bournemouth which many years ago used to be an old style traditional cinema and bingo hall and tonight this is the rather stylish venue for the album launch of “From The Dear Green Place” by local Bournemouth musician Tom Whitman. This is Tom’s 2nd album after releasing his 1st “The Break In Of Light” in 2009 which was inspired by personal experience of having manic depression.

The new album is an together much more positive affair and shows off much of the good fortune Tom has found in his life since his darkest hours. The album at 10 tracks shows lots of nice progression with guitars along with some nice melodies and uplifting lyrics.

Tonight the venue is full of some of Tom’s loyalist supporters with his family, friends and work colleagues along with plenty of music fans curious to see what the fuss is all about. As well as Tom there has been a couple of support bands laid on to entertain us all before the main attraction arrives. The 1st is Adam Oxborrow who sadly I miss due to being unfashionably late. I arrive as one of the south coasts finest double acts arrive on stage “Daniel And The Lion” who despite a few technical problems with a guitar put on an impressive display. They are a cross between “Mumford & Sons” and “The Proclaimers”, hard to believe I know, but think acoustic guitars, harmonic vocals and a trumpet thrown in for good measure. Their whole set is thoroughly entertaining with songs such as “By Sea & Air” and a rather interesting reworking of Disney’s “Bare Necessities” from the film “Jungle Book”. They came to a close with a very catchy number called ‘She Speaks Spanish’ which had plenty of the audience joining in with the infectious chorus.

Daniel And The Lion
Daniel And The Lion 12

Tom Whitman can be usually found performing in local venues as a solo artist with just an acoustic guitar for accompaniment, tonight he is performing with a full band something that really compliments his musical style and gives another dimension to his well written songs. Tom arrives on stage to masses of appreciation from the Winton crowd, he shyly with a big smile says “hello” picks up his guitar and starts the 1st number “Memory” which just so happens to be the 1st track on the new album. The four piece band which includes Tom’s best friend Felix on guitar, all seem to have a great chemistry and deliver these new songs with well rehearsed ease. Each songs gets it’s own intro with Tom tells a little background story to give the audience an idea of what the song is about. The very catchy song “Fireworks” has a very uplifting catchy intro prompting the willing audience to join in. The combination of lightly played electric guitar and the acoustic six string works really well providing a really nice refreshing sound quite different from that of the 1st album. Tom openly wears the love for his Christian faith on his sleeve and a few of the songs act as a worship and a release of this in a really subtle but effective way. After over an hour on stage the band try and leave the stage but the audience demand more, so the band dutifully return to perform one more number to satisfy the demands. The evening is a complete success with everyone in the place seemingly enjoying what they have heard from a very passionate young artist who produces some really quality music and has allot to give.

Tom Whitman
Tom Whitman 12

Writing Home
Press Print Twice
God Bless You On The Radio
Roll On & By
Walk Of The Moment
To The Shore


More videos from the evening can be found on our YouTube Page.


Pictures, Video & Words By Dave Chinery(Chinners)

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