Achromatic Attic

Where do you start with a name like that? I am not sure I could even say it without tripping over my tongue. Enough of my inability to talk or pronounce bands names.

Achromatic Attic (even typing it I have to keep double checking) have just have just released their EP “Glassy Sweeper”. Describing themselves as a young garage/alt rock band, I have to be honest I am not hearing much “young”, but I am hearing a well rounded tight sound! Not to mention their garage must have great acoustics.

This four piece from Zagreb have no doubt been honing their craft and have produced a cracking 4 track EP that has an old school feel to the rock edge, the vocals keep it fresh, and the beat keeps you hooked, as the guitar riffs hit you, and tie it all together.

Opening with the interesting sounding “Glassy Sweeper”, with catchy bass rhythm overlaid with some nice raw vocals, and electric guitar. It is catchy intro, and one that betrays their own description of a young band, the sound is more seasoned, and certainly makes you think they have been around the block.

Achromatic Attic

“Follow My Rhythm” crescendos up with energy, with great raw vocal work, whilst “Proofs” has a much softer approach. “Proofs” is the obligatory acoustic sounding track. Don’t get me wrong, I always like this track in an album or EP, as it shows that the band can do more than just crank up the volume to 11. As the track progresses it becomes more powerful, and layered, and as expected gives us a taste of the bands range and capabilities. Whilst the closing track “Animal”, takes us back to that alt/rock sound with it’s distorted guitar, and punchy beat, it is a rougher track, by design, that possesses a quality that it must be a great track to see live, with an almost anthemic feel that no doubt gets the crowd chanting, and crescendos to a frenetic pace.

Come guys give us an album!

“I’ll give you a sign, just follow my rhythm” – hell should have used that as the tag line for the web-site!

Line Up
Dino Seferović
Domagoj Puškarić
Mislav Martić
Matej Lagura

Track Listing
Glassy Sweeper
Follow My Rhythm


Words by “keeping it local” Jon.

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