The Lost Souls Club

“Dark, dirty, psychedelic rock from acclaimed band The Lost Souls Club – and a UK tour” and “Fuzzed out rock n roll” are the descriptions for this EP band. And they aren’t wrong!

Opening with “Romeo” a strong bass line hooks you in, underpinned by the drums, and some nice edgy vocals, not to mention some great lyrics “All terrified by the future, sat in front of a computer”. The beat is carried by the guitars, and gives a nice rich sound. Yet as the track comes to its end it’s that bass line that really gets you addicted. This is followed by “Kiss Away The Sun”, again that bass is nestling in the background, this time hiding behind the guitars, but you can feel it. This is a softer track, with the guitars giving the track a softer feel.

The Lost Souls Club

“Shoot Me Down” is a much harder track with a predominatly drum led opening, and distorted, guitar work, even the vocals are given a harsher twist. All working together, whilst the lyrics are self effacing , “Yeah, you always shoot me down , no matter what I do it’s, never good enough for you”.”We’re All Gonna Die Anyway” is a little more of your standard rock offering, but superbly executed. Whilst “I Know I Spoke To Soon” has a regretful, melancholy feel, with the vocals taking on a softer, almost (but not quite) ethereal view. A much slower track, showing an unexpected side to proceedings, not to mention a bit of curveball on the EP. It would be interesting to see if this style was shown on other tracks. Certainly a great close to the EP, but a surprise nontheless.

The Lost Souls Club

No question about it the, EP rocks. These guys have a great sound, with some top guitar hooks, solid rhythms, and that bass line on the first couple of tracks. It is well worth checking out.

Line Up
Jon Tufnell
Simon Jackson
James Freemantle
Jon Lamont

Track Listing
Kiss Away The Sun
Shoot Me Down
We’re All Gonna Die Anyway
I Know I Spoke To Soon

Tour Dates
March 15th – Edinburgh – Cabaret Voltaire
March 17th – Glasgow – Broadcast
March 19th – London – Surya
March 20th – The Boileroom – Guildford
March 21st – The Green Room – Welwyn Garden City
March 22nd – The Mother’s Ruin – Bristol
March 23rd – The Factory – Porth
March 25th – Southampton – the Joiners

The EP was relesased on the 25th February – go check them out.


Words by Jon.

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