Lukas Creswell-Rost

Coming from Leeds, but now residing in Berlin, Lukas has blown the dust off some old material recorded back in 2007 and 2008 (one half for each year), and has released it.

Released almost 12 months ago, this album has been floating around Rock Regeneration towers waiting to be listened to, and it is a shame it has taken so long for this review to be written.

Describing the work as “intricate and intimate pop songs with deftly fingerpicked guitar and a well-aimed melody”, the album, or rather, each track calls out to be listened to, and the given description is perfect. However, the album is “quiet”, it is laid back, and the word delicate seems fitting. This album could easily slip by unnoticed. Perhaps one reason it has taken so long to review, as the tracks wash over you, gently flowing by.

In places the album seems reminiscent of early Pink Floyd, not in an avant garde way, but at times more of an air of whimsy, perhaps even a bit of Donovan. The opening to “Only Sigh” triggers thoughts of other bands. But which ever memory is triggered, the word “delicate” keeps coming back to me, from the gentle guitars to the percussion, and the carefully layered instruments. Couple this with the folk’esque vocals you get an intimate experience, so much so you feel that Lukas beared his soul when penning these songs, especially the track “Hard To See”.

These tracks might be dated from around 6 years ago, but they have not dated. They appear timeless, and flow with ease.

A lot of music passes through here, and upon repeated plays this has proven to be a breathe of fresh air, a moment of calm and reflection. Another album I am glad that I stopped and gave a second chance. Grab a your favourite drink, find a comfy chair, and just let the album carry you away.

These Four Walls
And I Won’t Recall
More Of A Path
Hard To See
Looking Under Stones
Where To Go

Only Sigh
So Far
River One
Steel & Lead
Falling On The Finish Line
Change Refine


Words “and not enough of ’em” by Jon.

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