O2 Academy, Bournemouth

Simple Minds

You would normally find Simple Minds playing large arenas and stadiums, filling them with ease. This their new Greatest Hits + Tour the band have given themselves a new challenge to return to some of the smaller venues that they have not played for many years with a 30 date UK tour.

Tonight sees the band arrive in Bournemouth for the 1st time since their performance at the B.I.C. in 1995. The sold out crowd give the band a really warm welcome as they take to the stage with their 1st number the brand new single “Broken Glass Park”, then things really get started when the unmistakeable into intro “Waterfront” kicks in and front man Jim Kerr demands “Let me see your hands” and of course the Bournemouth faithful oblige. Simple Minds have been around since 1977 with their ever evolving electro keyboard led sound which have kept the band together through 15 studio albums and countless amounts of high profile world tours. The current line up consists of original members Jim Kerr (Vocals), Charlie Burchill (Guitar), Mel Gaynor (Drums), with Ged Grimes (Bass), Andy Gillespie (Keyboards/synths) and Sarah Brown (Vocals) completing the line up.

Simple Minds
Simple Minds 1234

The band delighted with great performances of hit after hit getting each and everyone young or old singing along in complete unison. Jim said to the audience “If you are all like this on a Monday night, what would you be like on a Saturday night”.

After a short break the band return with a colossal reworking instrumental version of “Book Of Brilliant Things” which sequenced nicely into a cover of Krafwerk’s “Neon Lights” sang beautifully by Sarah Brown. It did no seem possible but the whole atmosphere in the place stepped up to another level when Jim returned belting out songs such as “Someone Somewhere In Summertime”, “The American”, and “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” which saw possible the greatest ever audience sing-a-long this venue has ever seen. Sadly drummer Mel Gaynor was feeling ill, and the whole band had to leave the stage for a while, there was a few nervous souls in the audience who thought that might be the end of the show, but thankfully much to the delight of the crowd they returned after around 10 minutes with Jim saying that Mel had possibly eaten a dodgy prawn.

Simple Minds
Simple Minds 1234

The evening ended after nearly two marvellous hours of a band who are still at the top of their game after over 30 years together producing some fantastic passionate performances of timeless songs that have made their way into the hearts of their audiences. Simple Minds played their trump card by leaving songs “Sanctify Yourself”, “Alive and Kicking” to last joined with a unusual choice of a rarely played song called “Space” from their shelved 2000 album “Our Secrets Are The Same”. The band are not always happy to play things safe and risks like this might have them falling flat, but there is no such chance as the set ended on a massive high with everyone in the place giving the band and especially Mel Gaynor the praise and adulation that they truly deserved after an amazing uplifting night that will be remembered as possibly one of the best gigs at this venue for a really long time to come.

Set List
Broken Glass Park
Once Upon a Time
Up On The Catwalk
Let There Be Love
All The Things She Said
War Babies
Glittering Prize

Book Of Brilliant Things(Instrumental)
Neon Lights(Sarah Brown Vocals)
Someone Somewhere in Summertime
She’s A River
This Is Your Land
Blood Diamonds
The American
Love Song
See The Lights
Don’t You(Forget About Me)
Promised You A Miracle(Band Leave the stage as Mel Gaynor is ill)
New Gold Dream(81,82,83,84)
Sanctify Yourself
Alive And Kicking


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Words & Videos By Dave Chinery (Chinners).
Pictures By Charlie Raven

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