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Sonic Boom Six

On a balmy night in April we welcome back Manchester Skacore exponents Sonic Boom Six, but first up are 2 local supports.

Opening proceedings are Catfish Uppercut, featuring none other than Rock Regeneration writer and Willowen’s George Fullerton. Catfish Uppercut are a loud 4 piece who I won’t even begin to pidgeonhole (as it would be useless)! They play a mishmash of Rock, Grunge, RiotGrrrl, Ska, Reggae – add and delete where necessary. After opening with “Look To The Future” and “The Party Song” Charlotte (vox) starts to find her range. We then get a brave attempt at a Rita Ora cover. “RIP” done this way is different, its borderline Grunge but it works for me. Throughout their set the wall of sound comes to the fore, while George’s drumming takes more than a nod to latter day MC4. There’s a brief dip into Dub/Reggae territory with Labrinth’s “Earthquake” but again it works well. Chris on bass is a constant shoegazer while Casey (Fullerton) guitar cuts a larger than life figure, not least with his hair! They leave on “Retaliation” to good applause despite playing to a largely empty room.

Catfish Uppercut
Catfish Uppercut 123

One of Bournemouth’s better live acts are up next. Following on from a storming support slot with the now legendary Nervana (Nirvana Tribute), Deltorers set out their stall early. They open with their trademark instrumental before unleashing their ferocious Alt/Grunge set. Tonight however I detect more than a passing nod to Aussie Indie Punkers The Vines. Nathan (vox) lets loose with his searing vocals over Brenden’s confident bass and Matt’s wholesome hitting. As with other shows he’s once again pummelling the skins almost effortlessly! Recently the band have gone away to record new material and judging by tonight’s performance hone their skills. The all round feel of the band is tighter. On their now live highlight “Plastic Gold” Nathan is hollering with real feeling whilst pulling shapes all over the stage. One cant help but acknowledge the influence of Matt Bellamy in his movements (minus the wailing). But this is no Muse tribute, this is a band looking to emulate their peers while finding a niche to call their own. Ignore this band at your peril, they are definitely one’s to watch.

Deltorers 12

Headliners Sonic Boom 6 are no strangers to this stage and immediately grab our attention. They open with some “Karma” and quickly get this room jumping. Laila (vox) immediately makes herself taller using a box at the front to stand on, but her vocals are clear and direct. Ably assisted by Barney (vox/guitar/synth) they immediately start covering every inch of the stage. “Virus” is a set highlight delivered in their very own “social commentary” style. “Bang” follows before the self explanatory “High Cost”. Nick (guitar) to Laila’s right quietly shoegazes while looking up only occasionlly most of the evening. James (bass) however smiles contentedly while pulling shapes. This is a band high on energy, with the tunes to match, and it’s not long before the first circle pit ensues. Neil (drums/samples) is hidden away at the back but plays no lesser part with some great percussion.

They end their set with “Piggy” but return in fine form with the excellent ‘Push’ and “Kids”. For a SB6 “virgin” like myself this is a show high on energy and crowd participation. Considering they cover Ska/Pop/Grime/Dubstep/Punk and Metal there is really something for everyone and one feels they would hold their own on any festival stage. I feel sure they will grace this stage again in future, and am hopeful they play to a full house next time.

Sonic Boom Six
Sonic Boom Six 1234

Catfish Uppercut
Look To The Future
The Party Song
R.I.P. (Rita Ora cover)
Earthquake (Labrinth cover)

Meat Lovers
301 Talk Shows
Plastic Gold
The Bird That Sings
Bluesy One
That’s Just What They Want
One Night Stand With A Ghost

Sonic Boom Six
High Cost
12 Weeks


Review & Pictures by Ross A. Ferrone.

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