Paradigm – English Dictionary Definition: a set of forms all of which contain a particular element, especially the set of all inflected forms based on a single stem or theme.

Two members of Bournemouth band “Blind Voyeurs” Steve Beck and Lee Ditcher have put together a new music making outlet called “Paradigms”. Since their former band came to a virtual end the friends got together with a fresh new approach with a new direction to create something quite unique. Steve and Lee had no real schedule or any preconceived ideas they just wanted to make music and were happy to wear any influences on their sleeves. The results of this partnership is a four track EP called “The Long Way” which uses electronica coupled with acoustic/electric guitars and keyboards with each song being very different from the others


The first track “The Long Way” is a nicely laid back track the gently meanders with duelling electric and acoustic guitars proving the backing for Lee’s pleasant vocal and Steve’s. The second track the optimistic “The Said Tomorrow’s Gonna Be A Sunny Day” starts with a piano intro not unlike Mercury Rev’s “Goddess On a Hiway” combined with some nice atmospheric xylophone. The song lazily runs along with some great delicate harmonies that really show that this combination works so well. “Hey Hey” introduces some electronic brass putting some initial thoughts of Shirley Bassey “Hey Big Spender” but there the similarities end. The xylophone is used again to introduce the final track “On My Mind” which brings in more the electric guitars and has a western style feel to it.


This EP has brought together two musicians which have combined very different ideas to come up with something very unique and very easy to listen to, each song is different to the next but connect together very well when played back to back. Paradigms have got themselves a drummer and a bass player and played their 1st gig recently at Chaplin’s Cellar Bar in Boscombe recently with more planned in the future. The word is that the guys are working on other material with a possible Sci Fi themed concept planned, so keep you eyes on their social media sites for updates.

Line Up
Steve Beck
Lee Ditcher

Track Listing
The Long Way
The Said Tomorrow’s Gonna Be A Sunny Day
Hey Hey
On My Mind


Words by The Secret Reviewer Of Old London Town.

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