Our Final Hour

The Isle Of Man isn’t really known for its melodic Hardcore but that could be about to change with Our Final Hour. With a love of heavy music, a huge desire to climb to the top of the pile and with a vast fan base supporting them, things could start happening soon for this band. They’re currently touring around the UK.

“#LSBC” is a good track to kick off with, it’s a head-banging song, that you would expect could start a mosh pit or two live. “Autumn Breeze” is a stand-out track that is a mix of slow melodic metal, very moving and lovely but a heavy slow song. Very powerful especially in the lyrics: “Would you lay here next me, put your head on my chest and listen to me breath”, these are lyrics that stick in your head. Kudos to vocalist Jamie Carrington, for his outstanding delivery of clean and harsh singing.

As the EP progresses, the music is a mixture of furious riffs entwined with powerful, slow melodies. They certainly have the melodic side of things nailed down. Tracks “Evergreen” and “Four Years” are fast by-the-numbers post-hardcore but in “Searcher” they show glimpses of their future potential.

Our Final Hour

The Moving House is the closing track, itís also the name of the EP, and it gracefully puts the whole thing to bed, though I do feel that they could’ve worked a bit more on this song and made it slightly longer.

If you like bands such as, Bring Me The Horizon, Yashin, then you should add Our Final Hour to your list of must see bands.

Line Up
Jamie Carrington – Vocals
Daniel Stocks – Guitar
Sam Knight – Drums
Kriss Maguire – Guitar / Vocals
Ffinlo Colley – Bass / Vocals

Track Listing
Autumn Breeze
Four Years
The Moving House


Words by Emily Jayne from EmJ: ~ Photography ~

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