The Devils rejects

Here in deepest darkest depths of Dorset where we have certain bands that create their own unique niche genres such as “Death Western” by Lady Winwood’s Maggot and “Cowpunk ” by Pronghorn. The Devils Rejects have added to this list with their very own “Bastardised Country Punk”!!

This five piece band from the most far south in the UK that you could possibly get have just released their new album “13” which strangely contains 13 tracks which I am sure is no coincidence. The band camped out at lead singer Matt William’s house in Knitson just outside Swanage in April 2013, where the place was turned in to a temporary recording studio with help from Fuelled By Cider’s Mike Lacey and engineered by Alive Music’s James Pagella. The result is not for the faint hearted, the vocals come somewhere between Shane Macgowan (The Pogues) and Justin Sullivan (New Model Army) with lots of other influences come from all over the place, the Celtic style sound can be likened to bands like Dropkick Murphy’s and Flogging Molly. Briony adds to the mix Violin, accordion and keyboards to give the band lots variety and depth.

The Devils rejects

The album opens with 1st track “Bunker Hill” a delve into American history detailing the gruesome happenings at the Battle of Bunker Hill in the Revolutionary War in 1775, the combination of the melodic accordion and the atmospheric guitars create a gritty tale of the hard hitting version of events. Military style drumming dominates “Last Gang In Town” coupled with the fast paced accordion making for a highly up tempo track that keeps your feet tapping throughout. “The Man That I’ve Become” reminds me so much of early New Model Army, with the Matt’s passionate heartfelt vocals giving the listener every reason to believe in every word he is singing. “Four Blind Horses” is a rather ghostly tale which sounds as though it could be set at the sinister haunted Jamaica Inn in Cornwall, the eerie guitar with more atmosphere accordion sets the scene. “When I’m Gone” slightly turns things around with the introduction of some Hammond style keyboards which leads over the previously dominating guitars. I can’t help but here a similarity to the Dire Straits “Walk Of Life” on one of the keyboards pieces though.

The Devils rejects

As for the rest of the songs I will let you discover them for yourselves. It is safe to say that this is a well written and well put together recording that should win over a host of new fans, especially at some of the summer festivals where bands like The Devils Rejects will shine with some huge cider fuelled performances.

Matt Williams – Vocals, Guitar + Mandolin
Briony Ireland – Violin + Accordian
Rick Hardy – Bass
Chris Read – Guitar
Olie Rance – Drums

Track Listing
Bunker Hill
Last Gang In Town
The Man That Iíve Become
Four Blind Horses
When Iím Gone
Ain’t It Lucky
Cold Embrace Of The Sea
The Churches
Abandon Hope
Rained So Hard
I Ran
Sinful Maggie

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Words By Dave Chinery(Chinners)
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