O2 Academy, Islington

– 23rd July 2015

The Mission

The Mission are a pretty unpredictable bunch and after nearly 30 years together they like to have a bit of fun playing under a pseudonym “Blood Brothers”. The Blood Brothers have played a host of intimate gigs up and down the country, with only their most loyal fans knowing it was The Mission. Tonight the band have decided to “support themselves” at a much publicized gig at the O2 Islington Academy. The majority of people have cottoned on to what’s going on, but one uneducated fan of American band “The Blood Brothers” turned up none the wiser! After buying his ticket and two t-shirts he was very disappointed, angrily demanding a refund.

The first set included a few new tracks including the self-biographical “Black Cat Bone”, written by frontman Wayne Hussey; and despite the small bout of “Man Flu” his vocals sounded as powerful as ever. A rare outing for a song called “Dance on Glass”; that was originally written for the Sisters of Mercy, was much appreciated by the loyal Missionaries. The band which includes original members Craig Adams (Bass), Simon Hinkler (Guitar) with new boy Mike Kelly on drums seem to be holding back a little, maybe saving their energies for the main set. The “support slot” ended with an emotional version of a little played “big tune” “Daddy’s going to Heaven Now”. The epic guitar work by Wayne and Simon on this was worth the ticket money on alone.

The Mission
The Mission 1234

The second set starts and the band threw off their shackles and really let their hair down. The big intro of the “Dambusters” tune makes way for “Beyond the Pale”, the audience responding immediately with lots of energetic moshing and the building of human towers. All four of The Mission have a fantastic chemistry on stage and despite their differences over the years, they still really enjoy every minute on stage in front of their beloved audience. The packed venue are treated to a set-list which includes soaring anthems such as “The Crystal Ocean”, and an extended, almost progressive version of “Wasteland” including Waynes utterly sweet sounding twelve string guitar.

The band disappeared off stage and after much shouting and stomping from the crowd Wayne returns on his own. After hearing the devastating news about Nick Cave’s son Arthur’s tragic death, he wanted to offer a tribute. This came in the form of a poignant song called “Father”, a beautifully fitting song from the “God Is A Bullet” Album. The evening ends on a high with a monumental encore featuring three songs showing that the band have still so much to offer despite their years. The Mission next year celebrate their 30th Anniversary and I’m sure the party will be a big one.

Set 1
Intro (Dambusters)
Black Cat Bone
Everything but the Squeal
Sometimes the Brightest Light Comes from the Darkest Place
Dance on Glass
Wither on the Vine
Daddy’s Going to Heaven Now

Set 2
Intro (Dambusters)
Beyond the Pale
Serpent’s Kiss
And the Dance Goes On
Naked and Savage
Garden of Delight
The Grip of Disease
Like a Child Again
The Crystal Ocean
Swan Song
Butterfly on a Wheel
Like a Hurricane
(Neil Young cover)
Tower of Strength



Words, Pictures, Taxi, & Video By Dave Chinery (Chinners)
Chomp bars, tang-tastics, and drinks by Jon.

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