Engraved Disillusion

Taunton outfit Engraved Disillusion have been doing the circuit for a few years now. Having started in 2008 they have landed support slots across the UK with a number of heavyweights, including Ted Maul, Tesseract, Sylosis, Revoker, Evile, Ancient Ascendant, Anterior, Xerath and Romeo Must Die.

Embers of Existence is a ten track powerhouse of an album. Straight up melodic Metal, replete with clever hooks and bruising rhythms. Artwork shows a post-apocalyptic office building half buried in still smoking rubble, not quite sure what message they are trying to get across with that but it looks cool. Production on the album is very slick and as a result takes away the rawness that they exude live but it still kicks the unholy hell out of some of the big name releases that are coming out at the moment. The songwriting is top-notch and the guitar work, especially on the haunting Epitaph is superb. Standout tracks for me are As Life Fades, Disengage, the aforementioned Epitaph, Under Blood Red Skies and album closer Solitude whose soaring hooks leave the listener begging for more.

Engraved Disillusion

The album is available as a free download (for a limited time) here, and the band have recently started auditions for a new vocalist, bassist and drummer. If you think you have what it takes to commit to a band that is on the up, get in touch at engraveddisillusion@gmail.com.

Wither Away
As Life Fades
The Forgotten
Fragments Of A Memory
Embers of Existence
Under Blood Red Skies
Unhallowed Eyes


Words by Dan O’Gara.

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