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Saints Of Sin

Saints Of Sin launched themselves just a few short months ago after forming out of the ashes of two local bands “The Push”, and “Mothership” along with the recruitment of a totally new front man Rui Brito. The band have been performing at a whole host of gigs all around the area rapidly building up an adoring fan base.

On first inspection of all their promotion material you would be fooled into thinking that we have Dorset/Hampshire’s very own version of Los Angeles hair metal rockers “Steel Panther” but they are certainly more than just a tribute band as they proved recently after a stunning performance at the Bournemouth Rugby 7’s Festival at Chapel Gate. Tonight the have their very first headline gig at Mr Kyps, one does wonder if it is a little too early on in their career to be headlining here already, perhaps a few support slots first would have been better to build up momentum.

Western Sand
Western Sand 1234567

Tonight’s support band Western Sand are no strangers to the pages of Rock Regeneration, as a band we have seen blossom over the last couple of years into an excellent tight four piece that now put in great performance after performance. The band kick off with their usual opener “Better Days”, and despite the small crowd they come out with all guns blazing on a mission to entertain every person in the room. Each member of the band play their instruments with such passion and pride it is such a joy to watch each rip roaring number they perform. The set is made of tracks from their recent self titled EP as well as a few brand new tracks which are due to be released very soon at a special headline launch at the Joiners in Southampton on 28th June. Where the tables will be turned, and “Saints of Sin” will support them. They end on a high with an amazing version of “Nothing To Lose” where the guitarists Jimmy and Tyler perform some absolutely blistering rifts that really show what a talented band they are, the Kyps crowd showed more than positive appreciation as they leave the stage.

Saints Of Sin
Saints Of Sin 12345678910

After a brief interval it was time for the mighty Saints of Sin to take to the stage. The five piece arrive looking like a Frankenstein’s monster made up of lots of different parts of American hair metal through the ages, think Motley Crue, Kiss, Poison, Van Halen, Steel Panther, and you will no doubt get the picture. The band quite clearly don’t take themselves too seriously and perform with a great sense of fun making every number entertaining. There is plenty of hilarious onstage banter along with lots of audience participation of which virtually every member of the crowd was only too pleased to join in. All these distractions cannot take away from the fact that these guys really know how to play, the band have obviously spent lots of time rehearsing as each song is virtually note perfect.

As well as a selection of covers the vast majority of the set is made up of original material that is very well put together with songs like ” One More Minute” and “Born From Pieces” which are so catchy it has everyone singing to the choruses immediately. The vocals coming from Rui Brito are nothing short of excellent, through in some amazing vocal harmonies, as well as some really outstanding effortless guitar work from Marcus Jenkins who impresses all onlookers. “Saints Of Sin” are certainly on a mission to bring back hair metal to the masses and it is certain if they keep on producing performances like this it will happen in a big way. A fantastic evening of high octane rock music that just shows what a huge amount our local scene has to offer.

Set Lists
Saints Of Sin
Living Young
Judgement Day
On Top Of My World
Sweet Child Of Mine(Gun’s n Roses)
I Believe In A Thing Called Love(The Darkness)
One More Minute
Rock N Roll Tonight
Any Way You Want It
Born From Pieces
God Gave Rock N Roll To You(Kiss)
Burn The Clubs Down
Living On A Prayer(Bon Jovi)

Western Sand
Better Days
Take It Away
Tear Me Apart
A Place I Call Home
Dog Without a Bone
Dark Horse
Broken Bones
Welcome to The Badlands
Nothing to Lose

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