Miraculous Mule

You are about to be taken on a journey, one that will open your eyes, one that will revive your faith and one of a world that is dark and it will take your faith.

Now here is an album that caught me from left field. Many years ago I bought a couple of singles whilst queuing to get into a gig in London, Brixton I think. Who hasn’t bought a random CD single from someone walking the line? The CD for a quid or two, was by a band I had never heard of and in fact I still don’t know anyone who has heard of them, they were called Dream City Film Club. Turns out they became a bit of an underground goth/alternative cult band, or so I have read. Unfortunately I never got to see them live. As time went on I found them on iTunes and bought an album, in fact I keep meaning to buy the remainder of the back catalogue, but that is another story.

Now I have told you all this, forget it. This is nothing like Goth, altohugh it is alternative. Nope, Nada, Zip! At least nothing like Dream City Film Club. Why the parallel? Their main force to my knowledge, behind Dream City Film Club was a certain Michael J. Sheehy. Someone who seems to carry a history, a following – if you know his work, you know his work, and you like it (I am not sure about the rabbit though). You buy albums on the strength of past work. Almost like Matchbox 20. Okay bad comparison. But you get what I mean. So when I heard about Miraculous Mule; and then his name, my interest peaked-quite high to be honest.

I love getting caught out.

Enough of my pre-amble. Back to the Mule.

Miraculous Mule

What we have here is an album that sounds like a deep Southern Blues band, mixed with some dark overtones, croaky vocals, a hefty nod to Religion with the laying on of hands and a strong bass line (perhaps even a tad rock’n’ roll in places)? that glues this all together. As described by themselves; “Anglo-Irish Honkeys play Blues, Gospel and Hillbilly music”. I could quote the rest of their description, but it reads like a band about to play for the Apocalypse.

Miraculous Mule

Opening with “Run On” it encapsulates everything I just wrote. Feeling like it would be the perfect backdrop to a small no name bar with a no name band playing in a dark corner, a rough and ready opener that sets the scene. This is followed by “Satisfied” which sums up the album for me, a rockabilly bass line; choral harmonies, and dystopian lyrics delivered with passion. Forget my words, check out the video…

Their darker side if shown with “Evil On My Mind”, the tale of someone who is battling with their good and bad sides. With the percussion feeling like either a heartbeat or footsteps of that evil as it gets closer and closer. And most certainly, the Sun has gone down.

“I Just Can’t Keep From Crying” takes you back to their own take on the blues; a slower rhythm, pained lyrics and vocals. The pace is turned down, and the slow tempo carries extra weight to this track, as the bass gently carries you along with some gentle picking and harmonica. The tempo is upped for “Early In The Morning” with a simple rhythmic catchy backdrop, hand clapping and almost a chanted lyric.

“Country Circuit Preacher” tells the tale of those who travel in order to spread the word, and save souls; “Hallelujah”. With its electric guitar giving an edgy feel, and a 70’s rock vibe, while “I’m A Soldier” takes on more of an old school electric guitar fueled Rock vibe, as the vocals preach. While “Prettiest Train” continues this with some old school noodling. With “Prettiest Train”, you feel you have been across the deep South, and out the other side by the time the album closes.

Miraculous Mule

Did I mention that I like getting caught out? This is a gem of an album, rough and ready. With it’s mix of sounds and ideas, all painting a dark picture of beliefs. I love it. The rawness to the sound adds to the mystique, and helps to convey the blues/gospel sound that underpins the album, and at times comes across as actually coming from a bygone era. I find it interesting that there are a few groups from across Europe and Scandinavia that are able to take the Americana, and Gothic America genres and make it their own, all with their own take on how life was. This album will sit nicely next to Slim Cessna in the collection, fighting for space with Helldorado.

“Anglo-Irish Honkeys play Blues, Gospel and Hillbilly music”? – hell yeah!

Released on the 7th of October, you can find it on iTunes, or from Bronze Rat Records as well as a link for a free download of Satisfied.

Run On
Dangerous Blues
Evil On My Mind
I Just Can’t Keep From Crying
Early in the Mornin’
Bal’ Headed Woman See All 2
Country Circuit Preacher
I’m a Soldier See All 2
Prettiest Train See All 2


Words by Jon “Just bought another Dream City Film Club album”.

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