Dirty Thrills

Boom! This is what Rock Music is about. Dirty Thrills have dusted off Led Zeppelin’s first album, added some Bad Co. mixed with the Black Crowes and sprinkled a modern layer of Rival Sons on top as seasoning. Formed in London 2012 this is the band’s first offering and on the strength of it, I’d say it won’t be long before a major label comes knocking.

Dirty Thrills

Chock-a-hoop full of class A riffs that hook you in and leave you begging for more once it’s over. Excellent guitar work from Jack Fawdry is dominant on the EP, producing licks galore throughout. A strong rhythm foundation is supplied by Messer’s Jamie Hopkins (Bass) and Steve Corrigan (Drums) respectively, groovy bass lines entwined with a rock hard beat. The vocals by Louis James are superb, soaring and uplifting with a real Bluesy tone, plus he’s probably one of only a few singers that can make Do Do Do, Do Do Do, Dobe Do Do sound cool.

I would usually give out a standout track but the whole damn EP kicks major ass, so just go and buy it already!

Growing Young
Drunk Words
You’re In Trouble


Words by Dan O’Gara.

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