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Halloween has come early at the Anvil tonight, as those cheeky punksters Escapefrom’98 release their new zombie themed single “The Dead Will Walk”. The band have all dressed especially for the occasion and with a punked up zombie make over they are ready for the show. With the four behind stage screens showing non-stop zombie movies all evening, we are all more than ready for the evening to begin.

First up we have Escape December who seem to have grown in confidence since their recent tour around the UK. They play a tight set with a string of songs that flow well, ably sung by front-girl Samantha Bower. This band unlike most other pop/punk outfits seem to have no real enthusiasm or energy shoegazing their way through most of the set. This band despite having the main ingredients, still have a lot to learn in the art of performance. They instead of leaving the venue right after the show should have stayed and watched the bands that followed them for a lesson in stagecraft.

Escape December
Escape December 1

The energy was really injected in the crowd when local boys “9 left Behind” took to the stage. The three piece crank up the volume and get much of the crowd moving to their well delivered tunes. The band play a set of their own really upbeat material as well as a couple of well chosen cheesy covers providing some excellent early evening entertainment. They end with one of their best tracks “Lucky Louise” which is taken from their debut EP, an infectious tune with a distinctive vocal that really needs to be heard by a larger audience.

9 Left Behind
9 Left Behind 

Swindon’s “Slagerji” are part way through an extensive UK tour and have joined up for a couple of dates with their buddies from Escapefrom’98, who themselves have supported Slagerij many times in the past. The camaraderie between these two bands is fantastic and the four members of Escapefrom’98 are all down the front the moment that Slagerij play their 1st note. This three piece really know how to throw a party, their tunes are all top draw with each one played with the energy of five year olds after drinking gallons of fruit shoots! The crowd are all expertly kept involved throughout with everything the band do with lots of sing-a-longs, clapping and much energetic bouncing. The trio continue to keep their momentum high with an impressive set including numbers like “All Night Long”, “Don’t Give Up” and save the best til’ last with “Can’t Stop A Nation”; a great tune full of cheeky infectious guitar riffs, coupled with thunderously pleasing basslines. They leave the stage having impressed everybody in the place, promising to return once again very soon.

Slagerij 12

Escapefrom’98 are really up for tonight, quite possibly more than any other gig they have played in a while, I know this as after seeing them many a time playing the fool, they seem to be taking tonight a bit more seriously-except possibly Lennon who cannot take anything seriously! They know they have a really tough job in following Slagerji, but they take to the stage and they are on a mission to entertain every person in the place. With the Zombie movies still in full flow behind them they kick off with “Rat Race” and despite the mega moshing session just 20 minutes before and their average age of 30’ish, the energy courtesy of Red Bull keeps delivering. The song “Chorus” which has a “Chorus” that includes one word “Chorus”, gives the audience no option but to sing along with the band.

Escapefrom’98 12

The reason we are all in this sweaty room full of wannabee rock stars with sweat dripping down their faces and their zombie make-up running is because we love live music. Escapefrom’98 clearly love what they do and they perform with the right elements of energy, fun and passion to give one hell of a great night’s entertainment. A cheeky; near unrecognisable cover of Shania Twain’s (Who ??) “Man, I Feel Like A Woman” and the final song “Secret Auntie” all about drummer Mandy’s Auntie from Canada, ends the evening on a real high.

Set List
Rat Race
Chick Flick
Those Days Gone By
Staying Home
The Dead Will Walk
Punk Rock Princess
All I Ever Wanted
Man, I Feel Like a Woman(Cover)
Secret Auntie

Set It Off
All Night Long
Hold My Hand
Off On A Mission
Down My Street
Impress Me
Girls Got Rhythm
Now For The Weather
Lets Get Pissed
Call Me an Optimistic Fool..Pessimist
Don’t Give Up
Can’t Stop A Nation


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Review, Video & Pictures by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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