Chaplin’s, Boscombe


It’s Friday night and you can do no better to end a hard-working week than get yourself down to Chaplin’s bar in Boscombe, there is always a warm welcome waiting for you by all the locals and staff. As well there is always a great line up of original music from a feast of talented artists, this is all masterminded by the unsung hero of local music Conrad Barr, who without fail always makes sure there is maximum entertainment for the punters.

Tonight is no different: there are two Bournemouth-based bands who both complement each other, but are very different in their own ways. The first of these is Minor Characters, a band who surround themselves with the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s with bands like The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac having a major influences on their sound. The first thing you notice is the sweet combination of the guitars between frontman Martin Ruddock and wingman Joe Browning. The sound is big and bold with the very creative songwriting shining through.

The basement is fairly packed with lots of people, virtually all of their eyes are on the band. The new songs from the new EP “The Building Next To The Global Headquarters” sound really great live, with the band turning their set into a bit of a jam with the song “The Transfer Window” being extended well beyond the original recorded version. TheY end their short set on a high with the seemingly never ending “No Bus Today” with drummer “Dixie” providing some impressive stand up drumming. The crowd want more but the band have their eyes on the bar and are in need of some Friday evening alcoholic refreshment.

Minor Characters
Minor Characters 12

The agonising wait for the new “Eleven:XI” album rumbles on, after being lucky enough to hear a few of the early demos and I am excited to hear what this band have to offer on their debut long player. The album apparently is going to be called “Look At The Time”, and will be out soon…hopefully.

Tonight the band arrive fashionably late and are without vocalist Carly Green with frontman Paul Read taking on virtually all vocal duties. The band start strongly with the nice guitar intro of “Heaven & Back” which draws in people from all over the venue, who congregate in front of the stage. The band take their influences from a whole host of places, with none of their songs sounding alike. There are songs with a distinctive reggae influence as well as bits of Britpop and earlier styles like that of The Jam. Left handed guitarist Paul creates some really nice creative guitar sounds in with his large array of floor effects laid out in front of him. There is a nice surprise in the form of some new songs including “It’s Only Sunshine” which has a piece which sounds a lot like “Start” by The Jam, as well as a superb rocking reggae number called (I Think) “Bring It Back Down to Earth”.

Eleven:XI 12

Eleven:XI tonight continue to show their great creative streak and despite being a lady down put on an excellent show. All in all a great night of entertainment showcasing two great local bands who both really know how to entertain their audiences.

Heaven & Back
Number 1
It’s Only Sunshine
Ride On
Bruvvers & Sisters
How The Other Half Live
Bring It Back Down To Earth (Boy)
Halcyon Days
Kaleidoscopic Dreams
Fast Train

Minor Characters
Hanging on by the Nails
He Wants To dress Like Napoleon
Chap With Wings
Baby I’m Ill
I’ll Get My Coat
The Transfer Window
No Bus Today

Eleven XI

Minor Characters


Words, Pictures & Videos By Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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