Bonsai Pirates

Those crazy land-loving Bonsai Pirates from the Coastal town of Bournemouth have returned with a follow-up to their debut album “All at Sea”. The new EP is called “Band on The Rum”, a play on words from The Wings album “Band On The Run” and the band have even recreated the cover……though the similarities stop there. The five-piece are a ramshackle collection of fun loving marine horticulturists, who after sailing around the world came across a beautiful Island with plenty to offer and decided to stay. The band are now regulars on the festival scene and can truly tame any festival crowd within moments of hitting the stage. Their rum-soaked infectious tunes get right into your head and need to be sung at the tops of your voices to get maximum effect.

The new EP opens with a cascade of drums and straight back to business with yet another infectious chorus, with Bob and Kimari combining well before Julien tramples all over it with his unrivalled fast-paced French rapping. “Taken by the Tide” starts in a much gentler; laid back way, before picking up the pace with some upbeat percussion and some Whoooa Whooa’s. “Captain Silver” is a beauty of track with Kimari taking the lead with her lovely ‘aquamarina’ style vocals giving this Bonsai tune a pleasant change. The standout track of this collection is the gem-laden “Burn This City”, which features an infectious melodica and a killer chorus that reels you right in after the first listen.

Bonsai Pirates

For the last track the band briefly return to the sea for a very memorable last number “Sailing”. This little shanty comes right at you and takes hold just like the mighty Kraken and won’t let go. I can just hear it being played at a festival and just like a pandemic, it would take hold of the audience and spread from the front to the back in seconds with no known cure! The chorus is certainly one of the best pieces of simple but effective songwriting I have heard in a while. A fantastic return for a band who really don’t take themselves too seriously but put everything into their music, with a serious amount of care and passion.

Track Listing
Princess Monaco
Taken by the Tide
Captain Silver
Burn this City

The Bonsai Pirates are
Bob Fletcher – Guitar/Vocals
Amanda Brown – Drums
Kimari Raven – Vocals
Dave Mastrocola – Bass
Julien Hericotte – Rapping


Words By Dave “Peg-Leg” Chinery (Chinners).

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