Hailing from Andover come KURBd with their 3 track that is brimming with raw energy, and an edgy feel.

Opening with “Beware The Silence” there are some obvious comparisons to be made, but there is more to this track than just a revival of the Seattle sound of the mid 80’s 90’s. With its raw, and honest sound, the vocals peak above giving the track a lighter feel than you would expect. But it hits you hard, the distorted guitar, the drums, and the disillusioned sounding vocals hit you.

“Wreck” take you on a rather different journey, with its, comparatively, more delicate opening. The vocals balance on the guitars and drums, and it is this almost precarious balance that give the track a darker feel, as it moves in and out a gentle journey, and that of a raw hit as the chorus kicks in.

“Kerosene” sees the band unleash their energy, or possibly the drummer, as the tempo and energy from the previous two tracks is mixed up and released. This is the track to turn the dance floor into a mess of arms and legs, 3 minutes of non-stop energy!

The whole EP gives the impression that they have an unrelenting stage show with power that keeps the crowd transfixed. It is raw, and a little unpolished, but this is part of the sound. These guys have got the passion to fuel it further.

Beware The Silence


Words by Jon “phew avoided the N word”.

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