Mutant Vinyl

Release new single “Lavender” 1st December.

Mutant Vinyl are just one of those local bands that when they play one of their rare gigs in any of the local Dorset venues you just have to drop whatever you are doing and make sure of your place in the crowd. Ed Pope and his band of carefully picked musicians travel a path of heavy dub, cosmic Funk, dreamy Trip-Hop, expertly played Saxophone, coupled with huge beats and massively addictive hooks.

Mutant Vinyl

On the 1st of December the band release their long awaited next single “Lavender” as a free download via the band’s website, along with a music video to accompany the track. The song sees the band breaking some new ground progressing from their previous work in a big way. The addictive looped Saxophone, coupled heavy beats and some impressive electronic wizardry compliment Ed’s gritty social commentary-providing the listener with 3 minutes 26 seconds of sheer musical indulgence. In fact “Lavender” is a huge tune that would not be out of place on any national radio playlists.

Ed Pope is a musician of the highest calibre, one of the best all round musicians Dorset has to offer. He can turn his hand to virtually any instrument and excels, particularly performing with guitar, saxophone, bass and drums. Such is Ed’s understanding of music he carefully makes sure every area of his creations are just right. Mutant Vinyl have a totally unique sound that pushes the boundaries of modern music to the maximum and with this new single they have an epic masterpiece on their hands that should just make the music world sit up and listen.


Words By Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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