Electric Woodland

With a distorted fuzz sound; heavy guitars and more than a dab of blues, we have some superb textured guitar work that leaves feeling you have just come from the States-not the Northern parts of Europe.

“Heavy Eyes” opens this album with a solid, steady rhythm-not too fast, not too slow, Just exceedingly considered. It sets the scene perfectly; filling your ears with a slightly distorted blues rock feel and crescendoes up to the end of the track, picking up the tempo and opening up that guitar. A beautiful sound to start the album, and day off to! “Bad Shoe” kicks in with a more rock ’n roll vibe, but keeps that low down fuzz active while the guitar noodles away. “Have You Seen My Baby” has a rhythm guaranteed to keep your foot tapping.

“Humbread”, I am not sure who this character might be, but I am not sure he is welcome. However, the catchy hooks, the low down distorted sound he brings with him just hits the mark and won’t let go.

“Electric Woodland”, sums up the album with its winding guitar work and solid drum work. As the track closes it becomes a predominantly instrumental piece, but this all escapes on your first listen or two as you get carried way by the music.

Closing the album is “Dog Without A Bone” and this is a much gentler track; acoustic guitar playing away, and the vocals just carry you off into the sunset.

Electric Woodland

Norwegian rockers Electric Woodland have created something a little special, a little retro, with a sound somewhere between The Doors and Deep Purple, with a healthy dose of the Black Keys. Throw in that Blues feel; capped with fuzzy guitar, and you get an amazing package. If you also consider that they dropped these 10 tracks using analogue tape in order to get the sounds they wanted, they are truly crafting their sound from every angle.

“Potrero” was released in November.

Line Up
Peder Kjrnli – Vocals/Guitar Emil Kjrnli – Trommer
Marius Nordby – Bass
Christian N. Olsen-Ruud – Guitar

Track Listing
Heavy Eyes
Bad Shoes
This House
Have You Seen My Baby
To You
Leaving The Lair
Old Airplane
Electric Woodland
Dog Without A Bone


Words by Jon.

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