All the way from Florida (yes Chinners, I know it is not local, but we have been to Florida!) comes Aviators with what I can only define as “refined Pop”, with hints of Electronica and Dance, but with lyrics worth listening to.

Now when I first played this I didn’t give it much thought. It was okay but; as usual, I hit play again. That’s when it all became a little bit clearer. Actually, to be fair more than just a little bit.

We have an album that although comes across as a bit more of the same old pop, perhaps a dollop of the Eighties, but then certain tracks start jumping out at you.


So what happened on the second or third listen for me? The first track “Open your Eyes” started punching me with its understated beat and I noticed my foot was tapping as the lyrics sunk deeper into my subconscious.

The second track “His Heart”, is laid bare as he laments how disassociated and frustrated he is, and the piano pulls it all together. I am always amazed at how simple instruments and their sounds can convey so much emotion. Whereas “Zero” has a totally different stance, more layers, more synthetic soundin but nonetheless catchy as it crescendos into an affirmation of life and confidence. A turnaround to the preceding track, and possibly one of the standout tracks.

“Ashes” stops the poppy sound of the previous two tracks (one of which conceptually features the cheesiest chat up line known to man) as the piano sound is prevalent, and the missing rhythm leave the vocals laid bare. And at the points where they are almost spoken it really felt like it could have been an old European pop hit. Yet the Rocky guitar keeps your feet planted in the current, and as the track crescendos the drums kick in. Almost a complete turn around to the tracks that preceded it.

“Momentum” kicks in, and with it comes a bit of bass manipulation here and there.


The title track “Mirrors” grabs you with a drum beat almost sounding like kettle drums, giving the proceedings gravitas with the sounds of strings – this is soon shattered as the synths kick in. While “Where I Belong” is a tender track with lyrics that just flow, all set to heartfelt vocals. I don’t often get swayed by love songs, but there’s something about this track that really hits the mark.

Following this are 6 additional bonus tracks which I will not cover here, a couple are remixes, the others new tracks. But all in all 16 tracks of highly polished material.

“Open Your Eyes” – The lyrics “I am going to make you realise, so open your eyes”

The album is firmly rooted in the Pop genre, perhaps a little anachronistic in places, but this allows it to fight the norm, and allow Aviator to carve out his own sound.

…and this all done by one man. Time to hit repeat…

Check it out here.


Track Listing
Open Your Eyes
Someone Like Me
You Found Me (feat. Replacer)
Angels and Demons (feat. Feather)
Mirrors (feat. PrinceWhateverer)
Rock The World
Where I Belong
Brain Damage (Bonus Track)
Ashes II (Bonus Track)
Facing Fears (Bonus Track)
Where I Belong (APO Remix)
Open Your Eyes (ArtAttack Remix)
Momentum (VIP Remix)


Words by Jon.

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