Feral Sun

Feral Sun’s album is a pleasing rollercoaster of solid guitar work and strong vocals; a healthy dose of good, old fashioned Rock.

Opening track “Find A Way” jumps straight into the metal melee and even if you’ve not heard this band before, straight away it’s pleasing on the ears. Title track “Evacuate” is a blistering, guitar-led romp; I would defy anyone to keep still whilst they’re listening to it. Vocalist Mick’s voice reminds me of someone, but it’s not until the slower track “People Are Dying” hits my ears that I realise he sounds a little like a younger, less angry version of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor. In fact, the more I listen to it, the more the whole album sounds like a lighter version of StoneSour, in my humble opinion.

Feral Sun

Next track “One More Day” picks up the pace again, with some great vocal harmonies and excellent drumming. The pace is checked by the melodic “Breathe”, which is the new single and is still a great track. But my favourite has to be “Take This Away”, purely because I like the riffs and the vocals; it’s a slap in the face with a fillet of rock. There isn’t really a track here that I don’t like and I’m quite hard to please! It’s a good balance of pace and slower songs which showcase the talent of the four individuals involved.

Feral Sun

Feral Sun are London-based and they’re unsigned at the moment; but based on “Evacuate”, I can’t see it being too long before they get signed. If you get the opportunity to see them live, take it. When the album comes out, buy it!

Line up
Mick Burns – Vocals, guitar
Jay Stephenson – Drums
Alex Nikitin – Bass
Marco lo Coco – Lead guitar

Track Listing
Find A Way
People Are Dying
One More Day
Into Pieces
Long Road
Take This Away
Caught In The Act


Band Links

New single “Breathe” – video here here
Available from iTunes.

Contact: info@feralsun.com

Words By Vikkie Richmond.

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