The Anvil, Bournemouth

Diesel King

Saturday night and it was the second concert put on by Southern Doom Crew but officially the first of many that they have planned for the future.

Skeleton get the ball rolling and their Doom laden tracks give the steadily growing Anvil crowd a chance to get their neck muscles working. Slow thundering riffs rumbled out of the PA and set the scene nicely for Greenhorn. The tempo increased slightly but the quality of the music was the same.


Skeleton 123456

With the full-on down-tuned bass shaking the internal organs of the assembled audience, Greenhorn show us that a few weeks in the studio had honed their sound to perfection. Airing new songs and trampling us with established gems such as Witches Bridle, they delivered a filthy set.


Greenhorn 123456

Warcrab are only band on the bill that I hadn’t seen before. Hailing from Plymouth they battered the crowd with their crushing Death Sludge Metal. Having three guitarists added more power to the overall sound but the downside was that the Anvils small stage was a tad overcrowded. But hey, if the music’s that Heavy, who cares how much room there is!

Warcrab 123456

Gurt are rapidly becoming one of my favourite live bands. Front man Gareth Kelly had been hitting the rider but if anything it enhanced the performance and the London Sludge merchants went about bombarding the assembled punters with an outstanding show.


Gurt 123456
Diesel King

Diesel King 12345678

Headline band Diesel King wasted no time at all in grabbing the night by the throat and choking the living shit out of it. Returning to the Anvil they made themselves at home playing hooks that are groove laden one moment, then like a cheese grater down your face the next. The whole set reminded me of the D-Day landing scene in “Saving Private Ryan” as they blitzed me into the back of beyond, with riffs exploding out like shrapnel, embedding themselves into my cranium. Getting (the by now extremely drunk) Gareth Kelly up for guest spot was an inspiration as the two vocalists musically tag teamed each other and added to the melee in the pit. Once again Diesel King showed why they are one of Britain best upcoming live outfits, but overall it was a fantastic show by all the bands involved.

Southern Doom Crew’s next gig is also set to be a killer affair. Conan, Sea Bastard, Bast and Greenhorn on the 15th of March at The Anvil, Bournemouth – don’t miss it! Keep your eyes peeled here for all the details.

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Word and Photos: Dan O’Gara

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