Them Moose Rush

Thundering across the plains Them Moose Rush, hailing from Bjelovar in Croatia, released “To Future Miss Sunshine” in the last quarter of 2013.

Opening with Charlene the vocal has an edge but soon changes, leaving the listener wondering what direction this is going to take. The solid beats and laid back melody keep your attention as the Indie-Rock feel hits an old school Rock vibe. There is something very anachronistic about this opening track.

“Ravenholm” ups the tempo and adds some funk, while the guitars knit a tangled rhythm.

From here they settle into a 70’s Rock vibe (perhaps a little Zappa-esque noodling?) with “Skip 7”, with the vocals pulling it back. While “Darling” stays rooted in the old school Rock with some classic noodling. The tempo is turned down, and the vocals just wash over you, and “Sungazing” returns that funky feel with a more upbeat tempo.

Them Moose Rush

The whole album has a loose, almost random feel; with it’s Prog/Garage/Rock fusion, with strong elements of classic Rock. There is almost a lo-fi feel, but this might be my ears harking back to classic Rock! Even though my interpretations may be painting some random Rock/Prog sounding album, they have got this right. You might even feel that it is a bit Marmite, love or hate. But I found this to be quite an addictive album, one that had to be listened to. And definitely one band to watch out for.

Line Up
Branimir Kuruc
Nikola Runjavec
Vedran Marinko Komlen

Track Listing
Skip 7
My life


Words by Jon.

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