Kodiak Jack

Kodiak Jack have been busy since “Your Death: My Glory”-Very busy in fact!

Their latest album “Alhambra” is set for release this month, and the wait has been worthwhile. While keeping their feet firmly in the Rock genre they manage to balance hard Rock through to at times a more alt/rock with ease.

Alhambra introduces new material which succeeds in both getting the pulse racing as well as thought provoking vocals. Also there are three reworked tracks from YD:MG, and it is obvious these guys have been working on their skills and sees them moving forward with the new material just crowning off the whole proceedings.

“Live To Fight” falls into the category of powerfully understated. The guitar screams out; the drums pound, and the vocals are powerfully understated. A top track that grabs your attention.

“Wasted Youth” is the first of the 3 re-workings, the other two being “Crossfire” and “Waves”. These strike me as some of the strongest tracks on the album. Whether this is familiarity, or the presumption that theY are older material and therefore more familiar to the band, I am not sure. Whatever the reason may be, they fit right in.

“More Than This” is catchy, too catchy! The tempo, the lyrics-this track to put it simply, is just solid. Everything works.

Kodiak Jack

“Them” keeps the tempo kicking, a highly fuelled track that almost feels that it is drawing from a little blues and a little rock ‘n roll, all underpinned by some good hard rocking.

“Live To Fight” starts off differently; the guitar work has a different feel, not what you would expect as the cymbals shimmer across the soundscape. The vocals cry out. Everything is turned down for this track. This is no power ballad, but a track that feels as if it’s living on the precipice and crawls into a power-laden track at any moment. No doubt this gives the audience pause for thought, and a pint during the live show before exploding as that trapped energy escapes at it’s climax.

Slowing up they close with “Coming Home”, still carrying a punch it is a fitting closer as the guitars sing out.

I have been anticipating this release, and it does not disappoint. It is a cracking album, and a top follow up to YD:MG. I have played it a number of times, and could waffle on about how great it is, but that would be boring – go and buy it and find out for yourself! Bryn’s vocals are distinctive and dynamic, giving a nice rough feel to the guitar work yet handling those times when more power is needed. If I had to be critical it seems a little overly polished when compared to “YD:MG”, perhaps losing a slight edge. But don’t let this put you off. As a single body of work this album stands proud.

Line Up
Bryn – Vocals
Jeff – Lead Guitar
Jon – Rhythm Guitar/Lead Guitar/Vocals/General Modesty
Kev – Bass
Keiran – Drums

Track listing
Get Out Live
Wasted Youth
More Than This
No surrender
Live To Fight
La Rue
Coming Home


Words by Jon.
Promo Picture by Tom Roberts Images.

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