Hope Fm Studio, Bournemouth

Minor Characters

In 2012 Martin Ruddock and Angus James formed the Minor Characters after various experimental jam sessions which were influenced by bands such Fleetwood Mac, The Electric Light Orchestra, The Beatles and copious amounts of caffeine. The duos psychedelic sessions included the use of Indian sitars and lots of different way out guitars styles which resulted in The Minor Characters debut album “First”. The band’s first gig was at the Cellar Bar in Chaplin’s in August 2012 and featured Paul Dixie Harley on drums and Mutant Vinyl’s Ed Pope on bass. This line up sadly only lasted a short time due to Ed’s musical commitments and Angus’s departure to Plymouth university.

This was be far the end for the band as Martin recruited Albert Dyba of “Paint it Blue” on bass and Joe Browning on guitar. After a few gigs the band started to really bond and produced a new heavier sound of their own which resulted their second recording in the form of the EP “The Building Next To Global Headquarters” that was recorded at local recording studio the Burrow.This features some really great tracks such as “Chap With Wings and “The Transfer Window” which have both become live favourites. The band’s live sets have started to really to take off and often end up with a jam sessions extending their songs with the band playing impromptu parts much to the delight of their growing audiences.This summer the band are set to play the prestigious 4pm slot at the “Grooves On The Green” in Ashley Cross after impressing organiser Conrad Bar at their many gigs at Chaplin’s Cellar bar.

Minor Characters

Three quarters of the band minus the elusive bassist Albert came along to the Hope Fm studio for an interview and to perform three exclusive tracks in a never seen before stripped down format. Martin was on a “clean” electric guitar put through a small amplifier, Joe was on acoustic guitar (despite injuring his had at work earlier in the week), with Dixie keeping rhythm was a bongo drum and tambourine. The band performed three tracks “No Bus Today”, “Baby I’m Ill” and “The Transfer Window” which was an absolute joy to watch by myself and co host Tim Heywood. As usual with most of these sessions I was hand with my trusty camera to bring you the three exclusive recordings below:

Line Up
Martin Ruddock – Guitar, vocals
Joe Browning – Guitar, vocal,
Albert Dyba – Bass, Pineapple
Paul ‘Dixie’ Harley – Drums



Words, Pictures & Videos By Dave “a different kind of character” Chinery (Chinners)

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