After the “Introduction” the listener is pummelled by “Brass Cajones” with a catchy rhythm, the guitar, and bass drops, the listener is then pummelled into submission with the screamed out vocals. These are then replaced with rapping whilst the guitars provide an edge. Even between the rapping and screamo/hardcore vocals there is a constant anger level giving the track an energy; “Guess what I punched man, it was so much fun I would do it again”.

Moving seamlessly into “Dread God”, there is more of an Indian feel to the sound the rapping escalates to a a controlled shout, but does not tip into screamo, but is mixed in with some chanting. Which works well. The harsh vocals do come back, but seem less harsh, possibly due to the music, the beats are not as prominent.


The second half of the album seems calmer, followed by a brief “Interlude”, “Atraxia” moves away from the rap/metal vibe as the vocals take on a softer approach, with the lyrics sung as opposed to rapping. The music also drops the beats and bass, and guitar for a softer sound. This track comes as a real curve ball, but shows the range that these guys are capable of.

“Reflex” has more a DJ feel with the scratching, the backdrop is heavier, but the overall sound is more laid-back, and I liked the use of a shaken spray can rattle sample, amongst the other samples. Closing with “Supernova” this track is more dreamlike with it’s softer vocals, no screaming guitars, and an electronic backdrop.


This is an album with two distinct different personalities, or even opposing sides. On the one hand it is harsh, angry and in your face. The other is a softer trance like sound with singing over rapping. They have managed to merge these distinct styles with ease, with only the slightest hint of a split personality. Love or hate it, this is showing that the Bristol based quartet what it takes to go further, and I look forward to hearing more in the future.

Dread God was released one month ago on 1st March.

Line Up
Max Pasel – Vocals/Electronics
James Thomas – Guitar/Vocals
Andy Munro – Bass
Rob Janke – Drums/Electronics/Vocals

Track Listing
Brass Cajones
Dread God


Words by Jon.

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