The Tripdown Project

Now here is an interesting one. Blending Indie/Rock with alt inclinations; throw in some hooks that pull you back without knowing why, and you get the rather addictive “Post Modern Delay”.

The Sheffield trio having released a few EPs since rising from the ashes of Colorpool to form The Tripdown Project, are now ready for the release of their debut album this June.

Opening proceedings is “My Condition”; the sampled speech and the growing noise in the background, you wonder what you are letting yourself in for. As the track starts you get an old school Rock feel of melody, guitars and cymbals going for it. While the vocals have a slightly distant feel to them, their pacing also gives it that old school vibe. Everything is working in harmony, even slowing up mid way through, giving you time to pause.

“The Great Kill”; a catchy number that hooks you in with infectious vocals and dynamics from the discreet guitar noodling and riffs, this track has it all. While “Drop Down” has more of a powerful, yet laid back feel; as the guitars lay down refrained riffs for the vocals. Opening with a radio tuning, the bassline carries you as the guitars set the scene. The vocals have a mix of old school and BritPop vibe. This paves the way for “Consider It Done” which ups the ante with a lighter guitar feel and light vocals, making way for a more urgent vocal as the energy is cranked up.

“Chain Gang” is another Rocky track that simply just gets under the skin. Faster paced than “Consider It Done”, and no doubt another crowd pleaser when performed live. The cymbals help keep the pace, while the guitars drive the vocals forward.

With an older Rock feel to its opening as the guitars edge you on ‘Heavy Motion’ is a faster paced number, with vocals coming at you while the bass infects. This track has a slightly older feel to it; possibly the bass, possibly the tracks pacing. Either way I found my head nodding along, and my feet tapping.

Closing with “Combat Nation”; possibly the chunkiest track on the album opens with an air raid, possibly to signal the end of the album. The vocals are a smudge cheesy, but it ensures the album ends on a high, and I assume this is a crowd pleaser.

The Tripdown Project

As the album ends you are left with the feeling of “what just happened”- it was quick; catchy, and possibly quirky. Whatever take you get, it is a solid album that deserves to be listened to. It is a terrific blending of not just genres, but also approach, with guitars, rhythm, the odd sample, and vocals forming an infectious album that just wants that play button to be hit again and again. Although the loud guitars, the pace, this is firmly in the Rock camp, but individual enough to be called their own and can understandably be tagged “Alt”. This is an exceedingly strong debut; as Mr. Kippling would say, not least a refreshing change. If they take the energy they have bottled up here on the album, then their live shows must be tremendous as the energy flows. Lets hope they can keep up the momentum, they should be ready to burst onto the scene with a big splash.

Line Up
JoJo: Vox, Strings & Things
Shrap: Vox, Drums
Tim: Vox, Bass

Track Listing
My Condition
Body Hammer
Hiding From My Past
The Great Kill
Drop Down
Consider It Done
Chain Gang
Heavy Motion
Nothing But Envy
Combat Nation


Words by Jon.

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