When Nudybronque decided to embark on the Moondog EP, one can imagine them raiding their parents CD collections and stumbling across Pulp, My Life Story and Easyworld to name 3! This 5 song EP opens with “No Wives, No Children”. It’s a whimsy, Poppy little number with its almost spoken word vocals. It has that story-telling nature to the song which isn’t unpleasant and makes me think of small, independent festivals with music just an accompanyment to a Summer days relaxation, while enjoying a few drinks.

“Peachy Keen” stays lo-fi Indie with its twitchy intro and vocal. Its personal lyrics are delivered with real feeling yet somehow, it all gets punchier and I’m reminded of Pulp’s “Lipgloss”. It’s the standout track on this collection with some great guitar chords and a great ending to boot.


“Yoohoo” boasts more of the same with a slightly strained vocal, once again staying in the personal. It’s a simple acoustic song that sadly doesn’t ignite like its predecessor and is slightly disappointing.

“Allsorts” with its bittersweet musings starts off soft and gentle then explodes into action in the latter part of the song with its tortured screams.

“Space Travel 2013 By Phone” with its echoey vocal is that difficult, almost apologetic final song here. While it may work for some listeners it just doesn’t for this reviewer. This is a strange collection that will divide opinion. I’m still undecided but you the listener can decide for yourselves!


Words By Ross A Ferrone

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