Bournemouth Folk Club, Ocean View Hotel


The Ocean View Hotel is set right up on top of Bournemouth’s Eastcliff with unrivalled views between the two piers and tonight is the setting for Bournemouth Folk Club weekly event. They put on a huge amount of gigs and festivals in the local area featuring the best from the varied Folk music scene. The headliners tonight are local band Fearne who with their three albums to date have built themselves a huge loyal following of fans. The band’s ability to vary their styles means virtually no one show is the same. The sound for tonight’s gig is expertly provided by local legend Chris Young known to everyone simply as Percy of Pulse PA Hire who has an excellent reputation for getting things just right.

As well as Fearne there are two hand-picked support acts to entertain before the main attraction arrives. The first of these has travelled all the way down from the Cotswolds just for tonights gig. Singer/song writer Ben Maggs arrives on stage to a warm welcome and it is fair to say after just one number he had everybody in the rooms full attention. Kicking off with the title track of his EP “Let In The Light”; Ben’s voice is clearly something really special, singing with a real warmth and passion. Each song was given a nice gentle explanation, giving the audience some real background including an emotional song “Man On The Moon” about a lost friend. The highlight of the set was a song called “Bread of Life” where Ben showed his expertise with a loop pedal, cleverly layering some great guitar parts and beautifully harmonising with himself. The set ended with “Traveller’s Song” which Ben again multitasked using a Cajon to provide some welcome percussion.. The audience burst into a huge, well deserved round of applause as Ben left the stage with a triumphant first gig in Bournemouth.

Ben Maggs

Ben Maggs 1

The Next act Kadia are a three piece from Bournemouth featuring Lee Cuff on Cello, who has a long connection with Fearne and played on their last album “Songs On Postcards”. The band also comprise of Chris Bailey on acoustic guitar and David Hoyland on Ukele/Percussion. The band create a uniquely original sound that is really like nothing that you have heard before. They perform well-crafted original songs which really entertain and delight the audience. The bands roots are in contempary Folk, this though comes with a thoroughly modern twist that really makes them stand out from the rest.

A song from their debut EP “Beacon Fires” called “Copper and Gold “, all about a person who is none too good with money is just the most charming and infectious piece of music I have heard in a long time. The band ended with a completely reworked jaw-dropping version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, like you have never heard before; which ended their set on a high with the audience wanting more.


Kadia 12

Once again tonight, Fearne have changed things around. They play as a three-piece with Alex on acoustic guitar, Adam on Electric guitar and for the first time tonight Nick on double bass. The band seem to be very comfortable with any format that play and appear to relish any changes they make. Tonight’s set is a rather mixed affair taking songs from all areas of the bands career; including a nice dip into the past with songs like “Just Another Fan” and a new song called “Yosemite” which is a forward look at Alex’s Honeymoon, as he explained he is getting married in October.

It is simply a joy to watch these three skilled musicians perform together-they have a real chemistry unlike any other. After a nice cover of Nizlopi’s “Freedom” and the “Drinks Song” the band try to leave the stage, but lots of clapping from the Fearne faithful encourage them to return for one last number. “Dote On You” is a beautifully written touching song that cannot fail to reach anyone who has heard it. Tonight the audience are in fine voice and sing along in unison with the band. If you would have told me ten years ago I would have been in a Folk club really enjoying Roots music, I would have thought you were mad, but this old rockers ears have been really well educated……Thankfully.


Fearne 12

Set Lists
Just Another Fan
Rich Man
Sea Of Bills
Le Ferre
What It Does Mean To Me
Man Of Constant Sorrow (Soggy Bottom Boys)
Coat Song (Adam Solo)
Freedom (Nizlopi)
Drinks Song
Dote On You

My Friend
Origin Of Fire
Gladly Go
Silver Lining
Copper & Gold
Thriller(Michael Jackson)

Ben Maggs
Let In The Light
The Storm
Man On The Moon
Bread Of Life
Travellers Song



Words, Pictures & Videos by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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