Mr Kyps, Poole

The Worry Dolls

Tonight at Mr Kyps The Worry Dolls head up a fantastic local line up of local music to get the weekend fully underway. Technology has provided The Worry Dolls with an extra audience, as for possibly the first time ever at Mr Kyps they are streaming the gig live through Musicality TV for just £2.99 reaching a potential massive audience all around the world. If the rumours I have heard are true then both audiences are in for a real treat as tonight something extra special has been planned.

Drew Allen

Drew Allen 1

Drew Allen takes to the stage at 9pm and treats the audience to a set full of great, original songs with a distinctive Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie feel to them. The Bournemouth singer/songwriter kicks off with a song called “The Deal” from his debut album “Sydney Afternoon”, swiftly followed by an interestingly titled new song called “Mrs Slow Train”. Drew has recently been working really hard getting a name for himself; performing around a large number of venues in the local area, building a solid following to his fine form of Roots/Folk music. Despite the usual din of people chatting Drew confidently delivers a set full of great potential that will see him perform at a few major local festivalS this summer. The final song is a new composition called “Only Just Began” which shows his songwriting at it’s finest, with some great guitar work included too. Drew leaves the stage, sadly to a lot less applause than he fully deserves.

Saturday Sun
Saturday Sun 12

Saturday Sun are truly one of the local bands that every local music fan should make an effort to go and see. Their recent metamorphic change has given them a whole new feel to their live show. The previous exceptional elements are still there; with now a solid rhythm section that seems to have escalated their creative processes, and new material arriving all the time. The key songs from the debut album “Oryx” like “Something In The Woods”, “Borderline” and the epic “Seagull” still sound great live, but it’s the new songs which seem to excite. With names like “Post Bop”, “Surf Tuba” and “Post Rock” the songs have a certain experimental sound-shaping quality about them and seem almost unfinished. Frontman Alex Hedley and Billy Merrick both generate a beautiful noise with their electric and acoustic guitars, playing in a beautiful unison to generate one fantastic sound. Tonight’s gig is just the tip of the iceberg for Saturday Sun, with so much more to come from them in the future.

The Worry Dolls
The Worry Dolls 1234

The Worry Dolls had given themselves a big hill to climb with such a strong supporting line-up. With their previous experiences with plenty of high profile gigs under their belt this is no problem for them. The Bournemouth based 6 piece arrive on stage to plenty of support from their loyal following of fans. Kicking off with the title track from the debut album the band provide the audience with an insight into their unique Folk/Rock sound.

Frontwoman Emma Baldry arrives diva style, like a lady on a mission. Wearing a heavy fur coat, she delivers massively powerful vocals that really impress everyone in the room with original songs such as “Backwire” and “Barry Mcguigan”. The rumours were all true and a 14 strong all female choir in the form of the ‘Bourne Harmony’ arrive on stage to join The Worry Dolls for a couple of numbers. These include an extremely powerful version of “Waster”, which really benefited from the delightful harmonies delivered by all the ladies in the choir who were in fine voice. The band continue to impress for the rest of their set, with a fine cover of “4 Non Blondes” (What ever happened to them?) “What’s Going On” and a great selection of cuts from their album. Tonight with this collaboration the band have created something really extra special, making for one really memorable evening that hopefully people will remember for a long time to come.

Set Lists
The Worry Dolls
The Man That Time Forgot
Barry McGuigan
Rifles In The Morning
What’s Going On (4 Non Blondes)
The Picnic Of Teradouche
Don’t Let Me Down
His Majesties Farewell
The Ant I Hold In My Hand
I’m Stupid

Saturday Sun
Blues Humper
Something In The Woods
I Want To Lie For You
Post Bop
Surf Tuba
Post Rock
Le Monge

Drew Allen
The Deal
Mrs Slow Train
Caught Up In Series Virtue
3rd Time Prosperous
Distort Paveman
Whistling Tunes
Only Just Begun

The Worry Dolls

Saturday Sun

Drew Allen


Words, Pictures & Videos by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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