Camden Underworld, London

Aesthetic Perfection

A bit of a day trip up to the big smoke for RR to get it’s EBM/Industrial fix at the Camden Underworld.

Opening tonight’s proceedings are Terrolokaust who were over from Barcelona. Kicking off with Synths, samples, guitar and keyboards pumping out hard beats fused with heavy guitar; they delivered a cracking set pumping out the aggression. The floor was only about a quarter full when they started but they had everyone’s attention. By their third track the floor had started to fill, and everybody was either dancing or acknowledging their approval either by foot tapping or head nodding. This has to be one of the strongest opening acts I have seen; and one act to look out for, and I was straight off to the merch stand for their album!

Terrolokaust 1234

During the set change a rear projection screen started a countdown. I first noted this at around 16 minutes, and as it counted down the stage was changed. Now at the time I did not know if this was the venue, or Faderhead; but what a great way to ensure you know when the next act is on!

As soon as the timer hit zero the pillar lights that had adorned the stage for Terrolokaust burst into life with their blinding light and Faderhead hit the stage (that answered that question) bursting straight into Dirtygrrrls/Dirtybois. As the lyrics came up on the screen the crowd immediately started moving. In-between tracks there was good banter with the crowd, not to mention generosity with the vodka! When they played “Stand Up” off the new album the crowd really started moving. A cracking track that has the potential to become anthemic!


Faderhead 12345

Throughout the set and after, the trademark shades stayed on. And although the projector screen stopped working, it did not detract from the set. “Swedish Models and Cocaine” was well received along with the back story accompany it. From the new album the track “When The Freaks Come Out” went down well with the crowd, as did the older “TZDV”. With an energetic onstage presence the all electro sound was infectious, and although playing as a two piece this evening it did not seem to detract from the sound.

And yes; “His bass plays when the freaks come out” cranked up the energy and got the crowd going!

And on to the main show, the reason most people had come out tonight…Opening with “Happily Ever After” Daniel hit the stage, by now the floor had filled with all attention firmly focused at Aesthetic Perfection. Having seen Aesthetic Perfection in Southampton this was one gig I had been looking forward with a lot of anticipation, not to mention I have been lucky enough to have been playing the latest album, “‘Til Death” almost every day for the past couple of months.

Smartly dressed with black shirt, braces and spotty bow tie, this helps to sum up the dualism that is seen in the Aesthetic Perfections music at times – the clean cut smartly dressed outer persona, covering the darker inner entity. From the start the energy just flowed, even through “The Ones” the crowd were totally focused. This is one of those misleading AP tracks. It is a little softer and slower than the majority of tracks; but is as dark if not darker, than those more aggressive tracks and again the audience were transfixed. As they moved into the newer tracks “Antibody” really got things moving, although “Big Bad Wolf” had a tremendous response, with most of the crowd vying to get to the front of the stage. It is safe to say that Daniel is an exceedingly charismatic frontman, making full use of the stage and ensuring everyone is focused on him. However, when “Lights Out” started the crowd exploded and the energy was cranked up a notch.

Aesthetic Perfection
Aesthetic Perfection 1234567

From the album “A Violent Emotion” came the energetic “The Great Depression”, the crowd hanging on every word. As the band left the stage the crowd showed their displeasure and booed, wanting more. For which they were rewarded as the band returned to the stage.

Starting the encore with “Scadenfreude”, again from “A Violent Emotion”, the crowd erupted as the anger is vented at the crowd; “You can’t give me what I need but you will give me what I want” as the keyboard player scaled his keyboard stand.

Closing with the aggressive “Spit It Out” it is safe to say the crowd went ape shit! The band put their all into closing the set. From the crowd the last drops of energy were released, and a fitting close to a tremendous evening, especially for mid-week. Having played all the Aesthetic Perfection albums in the last few weeks I was concerned about how the newer material would fit in with the older tracks. Judging by this evenings crowd reaction this was totally unwarranted. This evening was well worth experiencing.

This gig was a fitting close to their brief tour in the UK. They are back in the UK for “Alt-Fest” later in the year.


Words, tinnitus, and photos by Jon.

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