System Of Hate

Let’s start with a PR quote…

“Straight out of Barnsley comes a Punk Rock tsunami of noise with extremely dark lyrics…..Portraying the darker side of Punk with intensity and a deep sincerity. The heart of South Yorkshire is bared to you all … watch it bleed.” – from the Rebellion Festival 2013 Programme

“Born of Frustration! Bored and Frustrated!”

The new EP has four tracks that take no prisoners, and although born from a punk ethic, there is a dark brooding rock vibe to the tracks. The driving guitars and solid rhythms are punctuated by the vocals – giving that hard edge to the proceedings.

Opening up the EP is the “Infected”, there is a driving rhythm from the guitar that keeps pushing as the drums hammer out of the rhythm, while the vocals take a slower, but determined stance – almost spoken, they making statements with no hesitation.

“Ashes Of Divinity” almost takes you by surprise – the drums are an extension from the first track, but the lyrics, and guitars are almost something you might get from a dark heavy metal outfit. There is certainly less punk to this track, but there is no mistaking the the overall sound – and this is only the second track. Followed by “The Dogs Of War” the opening drums rolls you into the track, and with a lighter feel than the preceding track, the vocals still keep you on you toes

System Of Hate

Closing the EP is the title track “Insanity” has a rougher edge pushing those speakers to the limit (you can just imaging the neighbours banging on the walls!).

When I think of punk it usually follows I am thinking of some form of chaotic anti-establishment rant, or despondent attack on life. I know that view, on the whole, is wrong. It is safe to say I am not the punk expert here at Rock Regen, and for me this EP was more gothic-punk-rock – something I am not adverse to, and to be fair they describe themselves as “dark punk”. It is loud, is is fast paced, and it is definitely dark.

System Of Hate

This is usually the part of the review where I say I want to hear an album of this material. However, they have packed a lot in here – if I had a whole album, I probably be knackered at the end of it! I do want to hear more material by these guys, but somehow they have managed to pack a lot into this four track package. It has a rough around the edges feel, one that serves their sound well, but it is also a solid body of work, everything slots together well.

Bored and frustrated? This EP is the best way to release that energy.

Line Up
Paddy – bass
Patrick – guitar
Dave – vocals
Carl – drums
Martin – keyboards

Track Listing
Ashes Of Divinity
The Dogs Of War


Words by Jon.

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