Pete Carr

Pete’s latest EP, “Mountain of Sleep” is an interesting journey, almost eccentric. The guitar work, and lyrics possess a delicate quality, and make this the perfect accompaniment to a lazy sunny afternoon. It is a light airy acoustic album, almost a throw back to the sixties, in an anachronistic way, possessing a psychedelic vibe. But after a few listens there is a little more going on, than just a simple guitar based summer infused album. With a very strong DIY ethic to the whole proceedings, I understand it was record in his kitchen, you can tell that Pete is doing this for the love of the craft.

Opening with it’s title track you are eased into Petes world.

While he wears his influences with pride, there is a lot of himself in these tracks, and you can feel how personal they are, and this is just as true for some of the Track names. “You Make Bad Luck Seem So Cool” is an interesting track as it starts out in a similar vein as the prior tracks, but as it comes to its finish it kind of devolves and breaks down as if it is a broken carnival track, or music box.

Pete Carr

“I Don’t Want To know” continues the acoustic vibe, throwing in a couple of interesting twists just to keep you on your toes. The lyrics are particularly dark, but the track leaves you with an uplifting feeling. “Heartless” is an instrumental that focuses more on percussion while the guitar work takes a slight backseat to proceedings, giving a brief intermission to proceedings.

Underpinned with a drum machine “Drown the Sun” comes across as an acoustic pop track, with its catchy chorus. Again, dark lyrics guide the listener through an almost paranoid mindset, making you question your existence – perhaps this for the dreamlike state of a daily drudge, only realised when climbing that mountain to sleep?

Closing with the snappy titled “Everytime I look At You I Swear You’re Someone Else” you are left somehow wondering how someone can record and produce something so delicate, with a clarity that is beyond the abilities of most kitchens! watch out recording studios, Pete’s kitchen is coming for you!

I cannot help feel that even after a few listens, that even more plays were needed before starting this review.

Track Listing
Mountain Of Sleep
Crooked Wires
You Make Bad Luck Seem So Cool
I Don’t Want To Know
Drown the Sun
Everytime I look At You I Swear You’re Someone Else


Words by Jon.

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