A Brand New Live Gig streaming Service


Local promoter, sound engineer and musician Nacho Jase of the Mother Ukers/ Waysted / Poison Whiskey/ The Gonads along with many others has recently set up NJTV. This is a brand new streaming live broadcast service offering live and archive viewing of musical events. The service has recently covered open mic nights at O’Neill’s Bournemouth and The Forresters Arms in Fordingbridge. This gives artists, venues and festivals the potential of reaching a much larger audience.

The possibilities of this technology are endless and I am sure this is the start of something huge that could catch on in eventually every music venue in the land. If you would like you event streamed via NJTV contact Nacho Jase at submit@njtv.co.uk.


Check Out some of the archived shows here.


Picture by Steve at Dreadlock Photography

Words By Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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