Belatedly, we here at RR have the pleasure of reviewing the great new offering from London’s Wonk Unit. “Nervous Racehorse” opens with the rather strange “Wood Pigeon”. It’s a tongue in cheek 1 minute epic which kind of sets the tone for an “LP” that peeks at a mere 29 minutes! Next up is “Lewisham”, a song clearly looking to celebrate the “good of the town”. It’s frenetic, it’s hard hitting-it’s a Punk classic! Lyrically it’s never dull with Wonk Unit. What these lyrics are inspired by, who knows?! “Lewisham, working with tomatoes”… Make your own minds up!

Track 3 “Nan” is a standout song, a story most of us I’m sure could allude to. “Nan is old, pisses with the door open, scowls at my friends, laughs when her Grandson gives her a hug”! Now who couldn’t say they havn’t experienced this?! The format is great, as is the song and it made this reviewer smile as I wrote this. “Go Easy” explodes with more Speed/Punk, ferocious hitting and 90mph chords. “Go Easy, Go Easy”; it wont win any prizes for lyricism but nevertheless it’s a great song which I imagine is popular live.

“Siobhan” is a complete departure from the rest of these tracks. It’s a low-tempo lovesong which I’m sure gives the band breathing space when playing live-a great album intermission. “There’s Me” stays in softer territory with its slightly Indie feel. The middle 8 is amusing although I found the ending a tad repetitive.

Whatever your opinion “King’s Road Sporting Heroes” is the standout track on here. Lyrically pulling no punches as it dares to describe in detail a familiar story. The storytelling vocal is matched by the hard, powerful guitars and drums. “The Trail” takes us on another musical departure with the comedic use of keys and sax, coupled with the soft, sultry vocal with a dash of French language thrown in!

“The Blonde” returns to the fray with its hard and fast vocal and Speed/Punk delivery – I’m reminded of (early) Green Day in the guitars, while there’s more ferocious hitting. Where the title comes from is anyone’s guess but it remains another 1 minute Punk classic. “Heroin” (to me) has hints of (early) Blur-shouty vocals, interspersed with softer ones. Not the most desirable subject matter, but it works.

“I Love My Nagging Wife” is a comical ditty that has all the trademark Wonk Unit humour. There’s more than a dash of Bad Manners “Special Brew” here but it’s a jolly little number nonetheless. “Depressed” -what can one say? Anger,swearing,more anger!

“New Year’s Resolution”. More Green Day-esque guitars in the intro, but that’s where it ends. Some heavy hitting and confident guitars yet “anyway” seems to be the main lyric here. “Ghost Writer” begins all Sex Pistols “Steppin’ Stone”, then carries on in familiar mode. There really isn’t a lot else to say about it. The album ends on ‘Take Me Home’ with its lyrical and direct statement, “this one goes out to those who didn’t make it”!

With Wonk Unit it’s never dull. Never afraid to push boundaries they continue to challenge themselves. This follows on nicely from “Trolleys” and clearly there’s plenty left in the tank.

Track Listing
Wood Pigeon
Go Easy
There’s Me
King’s Road Sporting Heroes
The Trail (French Booty Song)
The Blonde
I Love My Nagging Wife
New Years Resolution
Ghost Writer
Take Me Home


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.