Nefarious are a Southampton-based Metal band that play music that definitely resides at the heavier end of the metal spectrum. The band don’t like to box themselves into a particular sub-genre, but if you’re looking to put a name to the style of music they play think along the same lines as Machine Head and Pantera, with some speed metal inspired guitar work thrown in for good measure. “Bitter Truth” is their first EP, and it’s a decent enough first effort given that the band only formed in January of this year.

It’s powerful guitar playing that here forms the backbone of the songs on “Bitter Truth”, as Nefarious actually have three guitarists, two playing 7 strings and one on a 5 string bass. If that sounds like a lot of guitar, it certainly is and unfortunately this means that sometimes the vocals and drums can be somewhat overwhelmed. Not that Nefarious aren’t good at playing their guitars, some of the playing here is seriously impressive, particularly the blisteringly fast solo that kicks in towards the end of first track, “Weight Of The World”, which will have even the most normally calm person banging their head like a maniac.


So, overall, on “Bitter Truth”, their first ever EP as a band, Nefarious have not done too badly at all. They haven’t exactly reinvented the metal wheel with their music, the standard blend of fast and technically proficient blend of guitar riffs and growled vocals is present and correct, and the lyrical content, while perfectly serviceable, is not especially original. However, this is a perfectly good EP, containing 5 well performed tracks of promising new heavy metal, and when you take into account that these guys have been playing together for less an a year, it becomes downright impressive.

Track Listing
Weight Of The world
Bitter Truth
The Infection Is Worse Now

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Words By Elinor Day.