We seem to be getting a lot of hybrid/niche material coming in at the moment, and Cocksure are no different. With a sound somewhere from the 90’s Industrial scene that I am finding refreshing, it makes me want to go through my old Nitzer Ebb, Rev. Co., Consolidated, PigFace, Excessive Force, and a few other CDs from yesteryear!

This offering features Chris Connelly who many years ago released the superb “Phenobarb Bambalam”, and his distinctive Scottish vocals permeate through this as well. However, this album is more frenetic and chaotic, making use of technology to produce something that sounds like a throwback to the more synth sounding industrial music from the late 80s. Slightly experimental, and not rooted in Metal or Rock, as popularised by Ministry (amongst numerous other projects). In fact this album can be described as epitomising the early Wax Trax sound.

From its opening with “Skeemy Gates”, mixing electronic wizardry, samples and a rap delivery, this is no Pop fuelled chart topper, but more a dark trip into someone’s mind, all the way through to its closing ‘Cokane In My Brain’, you are left at times thinking WTF! This approach to sonic chaos continues throughout. Pumping beats, synths, and noise, you are left with something that feels both new but is also drawing in past relationships; RevCo, Acid Horse, PTP to name a few. with digs at current culture, “Ah Don’ Eat Meat, Bitch!”, and “Silikon Suckaz”. There is also a Punk ethic at times to the way the vocals are delivered, not just what they are saying. This album sets itself up to be the unwelcome guest. It wants to be the one who drinks and parties – there is no abstinence! If this album had a video I imagine it would be somewhere between Rob Zombies animated segment in the Beavis and Butthead movie and ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy’ by RevCo. It would be a relentless hallucinatory nightmare of bright colours and excess.


Describing themselves as “the bastard that was once RevCo deformed and dug up; re-animated and re-branded, it almost feels that this album picks up from where RevCo last raped our ears; and is no doubt reflected in the bands name. Especially as Chris Connelly was one of the main figures in RevCo. It certainly would punch most of todays Pop offerings into touch, it is an album that grabs you. Not sure I could drive to it or operate heavy machinery, and certainly trying to focus on anything; but whilst it is playing is tricky! However, this is bound to find its way into the subconsciousness to be heard on underground dance floors – infecting the revellers!

For this reviewer Industrial music has always been about attitude, not the instruments-if you put any genre based pre-conceptions to one side, then this is a great listen. This is not the hard nosed Thrash metal stylings of Ministry, or the slick electronic work of Frontline Assembly, but an amalgamation of whatever was needed to achieve its rebellious nature.

Line Up
Chris Connelly
Jason Novak

Track Listing
Skeemy Gates
Alpha Male Bling
Guilt, Speed & Carbon
Ah Don’ Eat Meat, Bitch!
Cock Ripped To The Giddy Tits
Silikon Suckaz
TKO Mindfuck (featuring Richard 23)
Cokane In My Brain


Words and nostalgia by Jon.

FYI: TVMALSV, or TV-MAL-LSV, is American for ‘Mature Audiences’

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