Falling Red

What we have here, in summary, is some good Rock and Metal. Perhaps late 80s, early 90s? But done in a way that it does not feel at all dated, in fact throughly modern. From the intro, ‘Time To Rise’, through to the closing ‘Change For No One’, Falling Red pull you into their world. And it is one of heavy drumming and superb guitar riffs, while ‘The Devil You Know’ pulls no punches, with its easily accessible chorus and full frontal riffage.

This is followed by one of the strongest tracks on the album, ‘We Escaped A Cult’, and if not just for its title, one I would love to see a video for! Oh wait, hang on a minute!

“Break Me” ups the tempo with faster licks, and a rhythm that just keeps coming. You know that their live set is one that must leave everyone exhausted, including the audience! Whereas the title track opens in an almost anthemic fashion, as the vocals softly state “This is the heartbeat of a revolution”; it isn’t too long before the track kicks in properly. Towards the end of the track the samples of a thunderstorm perfectly offset the lull as the vocals restate “This is the heartbeat of a revolution”.

Falling Red

“Change For No-One” opens with strong driving guitar and rhythms, again supported by some great drum work. It is a fitting close to the album.

I like this CD. I like this CD a lot. It is has riffs, catchy choruses, I find my feet tapping and head nodding along to it every time I play it. These guys have a great sound mixing Punk rock, sleazy Rock and Classic Rock and I get the impression a good sense of humour! There are at times where I cannot help but think I have heard this before, or it is a tad lacklustre; but these moments are minimal. Throughout this CD is well produced, and just demands to played at full volume. This should see them in good stead.

Falling Red

Line Up
Rozey – vocals and lead guitar
Jayde Starr – rhythm guitar and backing vocals
Dann Marx – bass and backing vocals
Dave Sanders – drums and backing vocals

Track Listing
Time To Rise
The Devil You Know
We Escaped A Cult
Break Me
Empire Of The Damned
We Are Reckless
No Sanctuary
Lonely Way To Die
Change For No One


Words by Jon “Dept. of Late Reviews”