the Greasy Slicks

Labelled as Alt/Country, these London lads pump out a Southern Rock-fuelled sound, blending a Rock aesthetic with a Southern twang, along with some great foot tapping rhythms.

Opening with a fast paced guitar, and Bluesy vocals, the title track really pulls you in and grabs you. This is maintained with “Messing With My Head”, which has a more of a bass driven intro, but a faster paced track with a railroad beat and slightly distorted vocals. The rhythm slows up and pulls you back with some lowdown guitar licks, before the drums beat out the railroad beat again.

The EP closes with “Wild Ones”, which is the curve ball of the EP to say the least. A softer, gentler guitar track that carries you while the vocals carefully sing out a tale of heartbreak. This is possibly my favourite track on the EP, but not necessarily indicative of the EP or the usual sound – but with only 3 tracks who can tell…?

There is a difference between the first two tracks, and the closing track. The first two being raw and fast paced, elements of Rockabilly, Blues, Rock and a hint of lo-fi fuzz, giving a great feel to proceedings. Whereas “Wild Ones” is a much slicker track, more sombre; showing a totally different side to this trio.

the Greasy Slicks

I don’t know how greasy these guys are but they are slick! A great EP, very addictive and with the difference in styles between the first 2 tracks and the closing track. The potential for an album shows a tremendous promise and having been described as a “bourbon soaked bar brawl” you start to get the picture.

This is the first time I have heard The Greasy Slicks, and I was immediately captured by the energy and Southern Rawness to the opening of the EP, and then totally captivated by the curveball of ‘Wild Ones’. I have no idea what direction new material will take, but it will be worth waiting for and listening to.

Line Up
Jack Kendrew – Guitar/Vocals
Nathan Rasdall – Bass
Rian O’Grady – Drums

Track Listing
Into The Night
Messing With My Head
Wild Ones


Words by Jon.

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