And The Kid

In a complete turnaround to my current listening (metal, industrial, and post-hardcore) I have had the undeniable pleasure of listening to “Factories”, the debut album by And The Kid from Zagreb in Croatia-(yes Chinners, I am trying to keep it local)(they were the 28th country to join the EU!)!!

This album is a mixture of Americana and Alt/Rock; a bit of Indie, and possibly a dash of Folk thrown in for good measure. Opening with “Factories 1”; you get a feel, but not fully of what is to come. It is followed by “Pushing The Cart”, which I felt had the musical stylings of some of the later Tom Petty material.

“Old” is a slower more thoughtful track, and one that just draws you in and you cannot help but listen to the lyrics.

This is followed by “Extraordinary Man” which is another track that just has to be listened to, as is the whole album. Telling a story that pulls you in.

“Boy Breaks Formation” is solely about escapism, and the opportunity to do you your own thing and experience this world we live in.

The track “Fuck You, Little Man” is an oddball; and to an extent aggressive outburst of a track, and in some small part does not fully fit in – but that said; the guitar work is refrained, and the tempo is gentle for the most part. I can only assume there was an axe to grind somewhere!

“The Working Class” is a standout track on the album. It has an almost anthemic chorus, the kind of thing that could carry a small pub audience with the right empathy!

And The Kid

I really enjoyed this album, I was at times reminded of a slower “The Builders and The Butchers”, as well as thinking there were elements of Tom Petty, Frank Turner, and possibly even The Clash. They have some beautiful and powerful lyrics, all coupled with this Americana come Indie backdrop that just works. Blending acoustic and electric, it’s a mixture that appears fairly relaxing on the surface, but covers a struggle – I guess you could argue the Human Condition. Musically they are tight, and form the complete package. They would not be out of place on a stage at a UK festival!

I have intentionally kept this review short in the hope that the links to the few tracks will force you to go and listen to more! The album was released last November, and is available now from Bandcamp.

The album is available for free, but I strongly suggest a few Euros for good measure, and for great music!

Line Up
Mali – Vocals/Guitar
Starki – Guitar
Mioch – Bass
Pavle – Drums

Track Listing
Pushing The Cart
Plastic And Old
Extraordinary Man
Boy Breaks Formation
Fuck You, Little Man
The Working Class
On My Way Home
Factories 2


Words by Jon.

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