Do you fancy something that will warp your speakers; make your ears bleed, and shake the tiles off the roof of your house? These Bournemouth based guys might be just for you then.

With an extremely heavy sound with screaming and guttural vocals; even played quietly this is loud, aggressive and in your face. The riffs could level a small innocent village with their ferocity! Yet under all of the aggression I get the impression there is a lot of humour, and not just in the track titles (I have never seen so many full stops or exclamation marks!). In fact; with the funky bass, that briefly made me think of Mr. Bungle, I am sure there is humour in here – but that might have just been concussion from the opening 40 seconds! Yet despite all this mayhem and concussion inducing audio, there’s still the odd sample, and harmonica playing!


To give you an idea of the extreme nature of their sound I managed to pick out the words “dosey doe” from the track “Last Place in the Sack Race”, and their might have been a hint of rhythm in the middle of the “pirate” song!

aAnd cite their influences as “Metal. Beer. Girls.” – I assume metal=music, but these guys might just like the cold hard feel of actual metal! Who can tell?

Closing the album is a Hillbilly rant about girls and petrol. No doubt more of an “Outro”.

These guys are out for a good time; and this involves some extreme, nee extremely extreme, Metal. Very little chance of a nice happy melody here and who can knock their own description;

…aAnd? got together and started writing music, mainly for tax reasons and girls; but that worked so well it’s now just the tax reasons and maybe the free beer.

I have not seen these guys live, but I get the impression it takes their work to a whole new level! If you like your Metal hard, aggressive and just simply earth shattering-check these guys out!


Line Up!
Good question, and one that might not want to be answered!

Track Listing!
…some shit!
…this is why we have no female shot-put champions!
…last place in the sack race!
…I’m a mighty pirate-prepare to die!
…this little piggy’ (feat. Si Genaro)
…If you see me run!
…what is wrong with your face?!
…i pity the fowl!
…tours, whores, and closed bus doors!
…proclivity for the purple velvet!
…last of the summer swine!


Words by Jon “excessive us of ! is mandatory”

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