Healthy Junkies

When I stumbled upon Healthy Junkies supporting a Siouxsie and The Banshees Tribute recently I instantly became a fan. When Nina (vox) gave me a free cd I thought it only right to review it.

“Hair of the Dog” opens with a chunky guitar and some hard hitting. Nina’s vocals are confident, clear and audible and remind me of many UK female-fronted bands of the late 80’s. The chorus won’t win lyric of the year but the “muffled”, dark backing vocals really enhance this song. A great opener!

“Saturation Generation” begins with a great guitar line before Nina’s softer vocal kicks in. It reminds me a little of The Darling Buds and soon builds up a pace. It has a chorus that leaves itself in your consciousness, it’s so catchy. The brooding bass from Dave is ever present, matched by more hard hitting from Steve. The layered end to the song is a great touch, before ending abruptly.

Healthy Junkies

“Chameleon” is a lot softer than its predecessor, but no less enjoyable. The intricate picking over the rimshots works a treat. The echoed vocals at the end of the song is a winner too-such a rarity these days, a band with interesting song endings!

“I Hate You Hypocrite” is a live offering-possibly an ode to an ex partner/lover. Full tilt guitars and crashing symbols with an “in yer face” vocal make this a storming live track. Nina hollers the lyrics like she really means them. It’s completely different from the above 3 tracks, and reminds you the listener of what to expect at a live show.

Band members

Track Listing
Hair Of The Dog
Saturation Generation
I Hate You Hypocrite (live)


Works By Ross A Ferrone.

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