Slumlord Radio

Opening with a seductive bassline Slumlord tricks you into their EP as “Devil You Know” detonates with a raw Rock/Punk energy. The scuzzy guitar carries on a wave of energy while the vocals bark out at you, culminating in some frantic drum work – all the while there are some clean guitar riffs piercing through the distortion.

“Scuzz” opens a little more sedately (okay, that’s relative), as the riff hooks you in immediately and the energy builds. The vocals, have that bare bones rawness to it. You could argue there is nothing new to this track, but it works and it works well; and gets the heart beating to the tempo, before dropping down to a laid back verse keeping those explosive moments for the chorus. Half way through the track feels like it has stopped, and has restarted with a slightly different vibe. This second half has an instrumental break, the vocals return to spit out at you.

Slumlord Radio

“White Owls And Champagne” explodes with some great punchy guitar work, which is quickly joined by some dirty bass. While not overtly Hard Rock, this has a heavier vibe underpinning the distortion. All the while there is also a pained feel to the vocals, as they come at you with a certain quantity of venom.

Despite it’s powerful opening “Riverboat Gambler” is slightly more laid-back, but is big on the riffs. After the initial opening it slows down, you can almost imagine the river as the bass line carries you into and through the first verse; and this time without distortion. This journey soon picks up pace as the Punk Rock ethic kicks in, but again yields for that bass line. Even without distortion it just feels dirty, even when the fast paced guitars kick in.

Slumlord Radio

“Freelance Viking” closes the EP with its raw Punk attitude and low down scuzz. Opening carefully with distant and distorted vocals, you think you are in for the softer, quieter track. The mandatory melancholic reflection if you will. The guitars and vocals distorted, but everything is subdued and carefully placed. Even if the carefully placed clean guitar picks away with care and attention-well until half way through! Then the hellraisers return as they open up with everything – the fast drum work and blistering guitar work. Even treating this track as two halves it has a rawness and openness that surprises, not to mention making you hit repeat just to double check!

Slumlord Radio

On the surface this is one hellraising scuzzy EP, deep down and dirty Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll. But it is also on subsequent listens a bit of a mixed bag, putting together what feels like an ounce of Southern twang, DIY Rock/Punk vibe, and a raw energy in abundance-all capped off with some raw, almost aggressive vocals. And it works, it works well. No Trick Pony? Nah, they got some tricks, and it is time for some Dirty Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Line Up
Tommy “T-Bear” Erickson – Vox,Guitar
Matt Claucherty – Drums
Mike “Ace” Todd – Bass

Track Listing
Devil You Know
White Owls and Cheap Champagne
Riverboat Gambler
Freelance Viking


Words by Jon.

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