Me vs. hero

In a world where pop punk is slowly making a revival, bands like Me vs Hero are at the forefront for the reasons to love the genre and everything that comes with it. Following a lengthy period between releases, their latest record “I’m Completely Fine” demonstrates a new found maturity and level of creative control which rewards the band with their worthy status of headliners for their album release UK tour.

Opening proceedings is local outfit Hometown Hero, who offer a sprightly start to the evening but seem to find themselves too wary of stepping on their toes to cut the mustard. The soaring vocal work of Kayleigh Kokkinos catches the eye during their acoustic rendition of Neck Deep, along with a selection of their original material showing promising elements to their sound. In a matter of months I expect this band to laugh about their performance tonight, as once the screws have been tightened in their instrumental work and the nerves run dry, we’ll see a band capable of owning the stage. They have all the ingredients of a great band, but right now they understandably base their sound on a fusion of the likes of their superiors and seem too afraid to have the conviction to captivate. Only time will tell, but I’m betting there’s gold ready for mining deep somewhere.

Following countless tours with the established headliners of their genre, Roam take the night to a different level through their immediate presence and remorseless energy. Front man Alex Costello leaps up and down as if this performance will determine whether he’ll make the Olympic high jump team and delivers a vocal display of equal quality. It’s obvious that Roam’s reputation is spreading quickly, as a section of the crowd belt out every word to tracks from the band’s debut EP, putting huge grins on the faces of the band. There are moments where their eccentricity loosens their intricacy, but despite this, closer “Head Rush” draws the plaudits as the stand-out moment of their set, demonstrating all the qualities of a band who will one day own the headline spots at venues far larger than this one. Roam are on their way to the top, you heard it here first.

Closing the night with an almighty climax, Me vs Hero battle through an Annie’s burger induced indigestion massacre to deliver an outstanding headline display. Although the band will have most likely walked away from the night feeling relieved that they survived the beef sweats they endured, I for one found myself stunned by the impeccable vocal work of front man Samuel Thompson and the powerful presence of their infectious anthems. The likes of “Marks of a Slave” and “Heisenberg” from their latest album demonstrate the unmistakable quality that the band possesses, finding their latest material sounding closer to purposeful pop punk than the excitable easycore of the past.

Me vs. hero

Despite a feeble crowd, the band stand their ground and show no urgency to require movement to deem the night a success, as we’re given a chance to experience the technical precision of their performance from a static perspective. Me vs Hero’s display tonight well and truly reminded me of their brilliance, with emphatic finale ‘Can You Count, Suckers?’ drawing the evening to a close in style. It’s a real headache to figure out why this band aren’t on top of the pop punk pack, but judging from tonight, there’s very little you can fault them for. If they stick to their guns and continue to produce quality both on and off stage, then we’ll all be delighted to see this band flourish year after year.

Me vs Hero Setlist
Days That Shape Our Lives
Skin and Bones
Cashing Cheques
Marks of a Slave
What Seems To Be The Officer, Problem?
Things We Know
Rush for Gold
Can You Count, Suckers?
Encore: My Warren Sense Is Tingling


Words by George “Defend Pop Punk” Fullerton.

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