Hope FM Studio, Bournemouth

The Villanovas

The Villanovas are a new band featuring former members of other local bands Vallier, The Generation and The Blues Machine. The four piece have been working hard writing and rehearsing over the past few months in preparation for their 1st live gigs and an EP release. They have all just moved up to London to go to Tech Musical School together and all live in the same house where their front room has been turned into a rehearsal room/recording studio.

The band from the off are all very talented and have a real passion for what they do, along with a great understanding of music. They all have they’re very own individual tastes in music that they bring to the band, making for one unique ever developing sound. The band come along to the Hope FM studio for their debut radio performance with three never before aired original songs, “Mysterious Ways”, “Wealth Of Another World” and “Last Week”.

The Villanovas

The band’s sound was quite a world apart from their previous ventures, with less Blues and more of a Pop sound. Their mainly acoustic set-up is quite different from the full electric set-up that they use onstage. There is some great twin-guitar riffage as well as some nice developing harmonies. The exclusive three videos from the band session can be seen below. The Villanovas have a Christmas gig with the support of the mighty Fearne at Mr Kyps on the 18th December.

The Villanovas are
Brett Smith-Daniels – Guitar and Vocals
Jamie White – Guitar
Connor Fox – Bass
James McBride – Drums



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